007: Blood Stone Review – Stirred But Definitely Not Shaken

James Bond has returned in his not-so-gravest mission ever in 007 Blood Stone. The title for the most part provides a decent escape into the world of James Bond, but sadly mediocre game mechanics, a poor story arch, and moreover terrible A.I. prevent this title from getting its drink the right way.

James Bond returns the campaign in the similar run-and-gun linear gameplay style where players hide behind enclosures, shoot people, and then duck back for cover. Along the way, gas canisters and scripted cool Bond moment actions that provide for a more fun experience than the first James Bond title featuring Daniel Craig. The shooting and cover mechanics might be dull and mediocre, but there are indeed moments where the gameplay is satisfying. Close quarters combat is detailed, but the execution is lacking as there are no special moves to perform other than the basic punches and torso attacks to take down opponents. Weapons make a return, but sadly there are hardly any gadgets that elate the senses of being a top-secret agent. Luckily, Bizarre Creations takes their Project Gotham Racing fame and implements a nice mixture of driving sequences between the third-person action ensembles. Amazing visuals and action-intense chases with vehicles that handle equally terrifically are a redeeming quality of the title that really urges James Bond lovers to feel entitled to a level of secret agent charisma.

Multiplayer is decent within this James Bond iteration, but once again lacks the same way through utilizing the same single-player mechanics that are not attractive or wonderful, especially with the lack of an online persona, decent mapped environments, and finally more realism to the weapon handling.

007 Blood Stone is overall a decent title that stirs the action up and shakes the driving sequences around for an amount of realism that is befitting, but remorsefully the identity of secret-agent 007 Daniel Craig and the dialogue banters are completely unfitting for the storyline, environment, and moreover gameplay mechanics. This title is one you definitely want shaken and not stirred – unfortunately it fails to do both.

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