360 Makes Hulk ANGRY!!

Why do you break so much?! *sob*

You know what, machines break. Sorry I had to break the news to you, but this world is a cruel place to live in. Some machines break more than others though, like lets say, a certain beloved white console. What do you do when you get the dreaded 3 rings? Pout, cry, threaten people’s lives if they don’t buy you another. Some douche actually opted to try for option number three. Here’s his story.

Microsoft did extend the warranty (twice) and is fixing the problem for free, but that wasn’t enough for one hardcore gamer in Fort Pierce, Florida, who couldn’t wait the 30 days for the repair. He demanded his mother order him a new one and, when she refused, threatened her with a knife.

It’s people like this that give Jack Thompson Ammo. Sure, there’s no way to check to make sure the story is true, but whether the story is fiction or not has never stopped me from reporting. That’s probably why I can’t get a job in retail journalism. (I’m tellin you, Area 52 is way worse than 51!)

Man Threatens Mom With Knife After Xbox 360 Dies [Some Blog]

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