5 Things To Look Forward To In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

uncharted3Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is coming next month, and it will reportedly bring an end to one of the great modern gaming series. The expectation is that the game will be a great experience, and it’ll likely be among the best titles released this year. It’s pretty easy to get excited about it, but here are five things in particular to look forward to with the upcoming release.

1. A Bigger World

There has always been a cinematic quality to the Uncharted games, and part of that has been that the worlds within the games have been beautifully designed. That being said, gamers will never complain about bigger and more beautiful worlds, and it appears as if that’s just what Uncharted 4 will offer. According to one round-up of everything we know about the game so far, Naughty Dog has declared that Uncharted 4 will bring up to 10 times more explorable space compared to its predecessor. That’s an exciting bit of news, and it could help Uncharted 4 to appeal all the more to fans of bigger, more open adventure games like Fallout 4 or the Far Cry series.

uncharted12. The Jeep

Much has been made of the Jeep that Nathan Drake has been driving around in screenshots and demos, and various reports have indicated that the vehicle will actually be a big part of the new game. We also know that the game is going to bounce around the globe a little bit in terms of setting, so it may be that the Jeep isn’t always available. But you can pretty much count on using the rugged vehicle to explore the bigger world that’s been promised.

3. A Return To New World Treasure Hunting

Fans of the series may recall hunting for El Dorado in the original Uncharted game, and the theme of New World, mystical treasure hunts is one that’s remained alive and well in gaming. In a way you could view it as the foundation for endless runner collection games like Temple Run, but you can also find clearer examples online. At this platform, there are actually multiple games— Cashtro’s Voyage, and Gonzo’s Quest— that specifically involve explorers seeking the golden city. Both are slot machine games, meaning there’s almost a real treasure component, but the thematic foundation is a search for the lost New World wealth. Uncharted 4 won’t actually take place in the New World, but a search for pirate treasure in Madagascar may be closer to that theme than you realize. Remember, in the age of piracy, the Indian Ocean was as remote and treacherous as the New World.

uncharted24. Nathan’s Brother

If you know the series, then you’re well aware that Nathan Drake’s family is a little bit split up, and his brother Sam is thought to be dead. However, it’s been revealed that the quest for pirate gold is actually kicked off by Sam’s reappearance, along with a tale of a lost pirate kingdom.

5. Impressive Multiplayer

We don’t know a whole lot of specifics about Uncharted 4’s multiplayer mode, but it’s fair to say that most similar games offer relatively unexciting multiplayer options. These games are focused on plot and single-player adventures, and multiplayer options are often perceived as lazy extras. However, this article points out that when the game’s multiplayer beta was tested, players reported a very satisfying experience. From the look of things, it’s an impressively arranged co-op mode and one that is fully fledged to appeal to a lot of people who are into anything action / adventure.

Really, all you need to do to get excited about Uncharted 4 is to watch the trailers. It looks like a truly can’t-miss title, though it never hurts to have a few specific details to look forward to — like those mentioned above before your journey begins!

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