85010 Dominates Wii Owners

Super Smash Bros. Error Galore
It seems Super Smash Bros. Brawl is making headway with Wii owners everywhere. Apparently, the game is causing a blow to the head for Wii owners specifically when trying to go head to head with characters across the globe. Fear no more. Nintendo has jumped in with tips and advice after revealing the problem to be a common issue with Wii consoles themselves.

Our experience shows that error messages within this range are typically caused by temporary network issues with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. If there is a problem with the network, our technician’s will work to get the service back up as soon as possible. Please retry your connection later.

If you are connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for the first time, or the problem has not resolved itself after a few hours, please review the following:

* 1. Our servers may be trying to handle an unusually high amount of traffic (especially if you are trying to play online with a recently-released or popular game, or if there is a new Wii system update). Please wait a few hours and try the connection again later.
* 2. How are you connecting online? The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is only compatible with Cable, DSL, and Fiber-optic internet connections. If you are connecting via Satellite, EV-DO (cellular), Dial-up, or other types of connections, then you should try to use an alternate type of connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider if you are not sure what type of internet connection you have.
* 3. The error may be caused by a basic setting on the router that needs to be adjusted (such as the channel). Please review our general router troubleshooting.

What if the game actually worked online? Well, we’d feel people wouldn’t be cursing Nintendo out and breaking valuable items at their houses this weekend. Try again next time Nintendo!

Nintendic- Error 85010 in Smash

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