A Beautiful Pre-E3 2011 – Conference Splendor

We have been receiving e-mails in the hundreds of thousands. Yes, we are at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011, as we are every year, along with part of the staff doing coverage for our other network-owned publications. No we are not part of the GC panel this year. Yes, we have tons of crazy exclusives and interviews, but considering our entire staff is at E3 this year, there is no one in the Sacramento Headquarters. Videos are indeed upcoming after the post-process crawl.

Please be patient with us. Our goal is not to live-publish anything which is readily TV-ready. Our coverage is about succinct coverage with great people. The Microsoft Conference was extremely exclusive, with seats filled to the brim at the lovely Galen Center. We already guessed Halo 4 would indeed be coming moments before the actual conference went live, so that was exciting for us. Sony WOW-ed audiences and media alike  with a press conference with drinks, food, and after-show 120 kiosks. There is a level of professionalism that the  Sony Computer Entertainment team truly brings to a conference, not for a surreptitious concept, but to provide a sense of professionalism, claiming that customers are important while also giving the attendees equal respect. EA Conference was great, but nothing spectacular – while Ubisoft did display great visuals in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (for which we have an exclusive interview and booth tour). Nintendo is tomorrow, and we expect a new Nintendo console (we heard on good word 2 days ago it is a handheld, so it is very shocking) and our guess is maybe even Super Mario Galaxy 3. There is more to come, but surely after E3 and moreover after we send out the votes to 1000+ contacts this year for the Best of E3 Awards spread.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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