A Conversation Of Mainstream: GTA IV PC, PC Trends, And Consoles

GTA IV for the PC might come or it might not come. It’s a big maybe for me as I don’t know. Console players tend to justify their purchase in their console to short-live their end of not being able to buy powerful PC platforms which are far up the paygrade. And quite frankly, they will defend it. Claims include: PC has NO games (when honestly it has tons more with more original storylines and indie developers).

As stated in a previous article, Rockstar wanted to apparently focus solely on PS3 and 360 given the immense demands this time around with Multiplayer and single player (as I can tell you it’s not like any of the previous games.) Comparing them would be a sin. I suppose they can port over to PC, but it will be more difficult than it previously was.

But as sales charts shows, according to analysis charts by the NY Times regarding PC ownership in Q 08, the general ownership of mid-end PC’s are increasing, but the ownership for high end PC’s are decreasing at a faster rate. And that’s no surprise. More people are shifting as a result of bad word of mouth about PC’s and simply because as technology gets more advanced, it eventually gets more expensive on the high end side.

Now we can’t say that PC’s can handle games the same (mid-end consumer ones.) Even for the high-end PC’s we can’t say it. You’re probably going “WTF?” The thing is in the engines. The fact is that when a developer begins a game, they optimize the engine more for consoles than they do for PC’s. It’s true, and it’s mainstream facts. Even if they were to dev on PS3, 360 , and PC simultaneously, the engines are optimized for the venue where they make the most $$. Truth be told, PC’s could theoretically do what this gen is doing ages ago. Had devs chosen to work on PC more.

It’s definitely to keep Sony and Microsoft’s Xbox Division happy, but mainly it’s also for devs to keep themselves happy. Which is a #1 priority and not the PC fan base. If every person started buying high end PC’s and ditched the consoles, I guarantee you would see these titles as PC exclusives than anything.


The above is a conversation I had with someone regarding PC gaming, GTA responses, and the general trend.

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