A Day With Billy West Interview – Ren And Stimpy, Video Games, Technology

WhatIfGaming was lucky enough to be graced by the presence of a beloved icon in Hollywood in the form of Mr. Billy West, a very talented actor whose voice can be attuned to hundreds of iconic voices such as Bender from Futurama, and Ren & Stimpy to name a few. In a day we decided to spend with Billy West concurrent to Comic Con, we learned a lot more about his likes and dislikes.

WhatIfGaming: In terms of video games, how do you favor?

Billy West, Actor: (laughs) The last time I actually sat down and played a video game was back in 90′ when I would have a friend over that would bring by his system and boot it up during audition runs for the voices for certain pre-shows we used to do.

WhatIfGaming: But I mean from someone so delved into Hollywood animation, what is it like seeing games nowadays? Do you feel they rival Hollywood?

Billy West: Undeniably. Undeniably they do. In fact I mainly voiced a few voices in children selections but I have seen people and colleagues voice for certain games that are just cinematic, to me, shocking to be a part of in a weird way. When we voice for shows, we are either shown the scene on the screen-through or we are not. It is really crazy to see that happen.

WhatIfGaming: Any game in particular?

Billy West: L.A. Noire, most recently. Saw what those guys did and loved it, brilliant.

WhatIfGaming: Technology wise, what seems to be your love? Anything at all technology related?

Billy West: Animation. Computer Graphics, all that just brings a level of natural excitement for me as someone who voices these imaginary characters, brings them to life. I love video games because of all of these even if I do not necessarily play them all that much (Bender voice) You know what I mean baby? Bender does not like to play around. (Laughs)

WhatIfGaming: I have to bring this up because when I did find out we would be talking in length, what do you think about the so-called golden era of cartoons? Johnny Bravo, Ren And Stimpy, Pinky & The Brain, Animaniacs, etc?

Billy West: I think there comes a time for certain things to end when it comes to a show. I use to actually love Animaniacs, but these things do come to a close at one point down the line and I do think it is best how people give it their all when those things are still around, then move on to different things.

WhatIfGaming: Without a doubt.


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