Adapter: Where Art Thou?

Day after day Wi-Fi spots are popping up all over the place. From the coffee shop right down the road, in airports, to the new access point in your complex, right down to your own home besides your shoulder. The Linksys Wireless-G Wireless Network Adapter and Wi-Fi Finder provides just the right power to suit anyone’s needs efficiently through not just the muscle of the incredible structure as an adapter, but also through the integration of a Wi-Fi finder.

Forget the Walking

The Linksys WUSBF54G is a radiant pocket sized device that combines a wireless network scanner with a USB-connected Wireless-G network adapter, so we can all stop walking around and squandering people if they have any Wi-Fi access. Taking it out of its compact packaging, we notice a lot on first site. Designed very simply, the unit is shaded with grey tones and a purple overlay with easy to interpret icons and buttons. The WUSBF54G delivers a method where users can both select and connect to the best of these networks for their needs with the push of a button. Press scan, and the adapter initializes a search for 802.11 wireless networks reachable via its 802.11G network adapter. The user interface is beautifully laid out on the small LCD panel and easy to understand for the IT guys who appreciate brevity. The user can set the search to include only open networks, closed networks, all networks in general or search for signal strength in various areas for a specific network name (SSID). Soon after, the LCD screen on the WUSBF54G displays each network’s information summary: SSID, signal strength, 802.11 mode, and channel, and both the type and status of security.

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  1. Just bought it Usman. Awesome review. It works everywhere. It’s so funny going into a starbucks, turning it on…walking up to someone and going…excuse me…are you GOLDENEYE133? And they get shocked on how I knew so fast without a PC at hand.

  2. Just bought this too. Including the other router.

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