Adobe After Effects CS3 Review: Spark

Adobe After Effects CS3 is all about integration. The new version of Adobe After Effects enters a new era of integration between it and the other CS3 family. You can integrate your work between Adobe After Effects and Photoshop easily, import styles to After Effects and create 3D compositions from the Vanishing Point feature in Photoshop.

After Effects also integrates with either getting your work from Flash as SWF or FLV, you can also export After Effect work as FLV video and compress it using the Flash codecs, ON2 PV6 and Sorenson Spark.

In this review, we will review some of the important new features in Adobe After Effects CS3.

  • Create 3D composition from Photoshop Vanishing Point

Now, Adobe After Effects integrates with Photoshop to create 3D composition for reading the Photoshop Vanishing Point. The imported date automatically converted to 3D composition when you import a PSD file to After Effects.

  • Smart motion blur

When we used to use the motion blur option, it was not as smart as desired. In After Effects CS3, the motion blur becomes smarter by the auto adjustments based on the speed of the animation.

  • 3D animation for specific characters or parts of your text

Now, you can choose part of your text or characters in your text to apply a 3D animation effects to it.

  • Shape Layer

You do not have to draw you objects in Photoshop and get them into After Effects any more, After Effects CS3 enable you to create simple objects directly in After Effects using the new Shape Layer.

  • Puppet tool

The Puppet tool allows you to create a character like animation for your images and text. The Motion Sketch records the position if your image and the Starch tool to stiffen areas of the character, and the Overlap tool allows you to control the depth of elements of your image.

And there are other features such as the ability to play audio and review without the need to render you animation. I myself was finding it very frustrating to render the animation to preview the audio. Also, The new After Effects CS3 integrate with Adobe Sound Booth to edit audio files, which is updated directly in After Effects.

Finally, I see that practice is the best way to find out how interesting is the integration between After Effects and other CS3 packages is. The new version After Effects costs US $ 999 for new version and US $ 299 for upgrade. Find more about Adobe After Effects CS3 at

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.

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