Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition Review: Creativity Which Begets The Idea

Creativity. It all starts with the idea to create something simple, and further extends the applications of the idea into a world of practicability and reasonability in the limitations of whatever tools we have to use that puts a pen in our hand and gives us a small area to expand. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition heralds a tool-set  which includes: Adobe Photoshop CS5 for photography enthusiasts, Adobe Illustrator CS5 for vector inspirationalists, Adobe InDesign for Publishing Needs, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for PDF Document Lovers, Adobe Flash Professional CS5 for Animation and Keyframe Creators, Adobe Flash Builder 4 for Cross-Platform Internet Applicationists, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with Adobe Fireworks CS5 for Website Designers, Adobe Contribute CS5 for Website Specialists, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 for Video Editors,  Adobe After Effects for Motion Graphics teams around the world, Adobe Soundbooth CS5 for Audiophiles, Adobe OnLocation CS5 for Production Editors on-location, and finally Adobe Encore CS5 for Media Authors looking for that perfect packaging. The amount of products within the tool-set are stunning while being simply remarkable, a feat that no easy list can accomplish. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition defines the meteoric capacity of a tool-set to revitalize the mind’s concept and allow any designer, developer, creator, inventor to simply achieve an unstoppable performance that is unforgiving to the amount of innovations that a human mind can encompass.

Adobe Photoshop changed the face of the planet, and dare to say the universe for professionals and amateur photographers everywhere. Since Corel’s Paint Shop Pro started to focus more on raster editing for photos, Adobe took the lead with their starting innovation.  The Adobe Photoshop CS5 software underscores digital imaging with the inherent focus of photography workflow resulting in groundbreaking capabilities for image retouching, vector based art, and most of all the conception of creative ideas coming together from a variety of onscreen elements.  Having covered a vast majority of the products stated, we will focus solely on CS5 changes and the significance of each application. Notable changes within CS5 include Content-Aware Fill, Puppet Warping, Automatic Lens Correction, and moreover efficient and enhanced workflow with newer interface controls.  Content-Aware fill removes any detail from an image spectacularly. Have an annoying tire in the middle of nowhere? Remove it. In the past, photography experts could remove any object or person using a combination of the Clone Brush and or different layering techniques along with the pattern brush to outline shrubbery followed by the smudge tool. It was no doubt a tedious process, but one that is useful and gave rise to a tool in Adobe Photoshop CS5 which allows for content-aware filling. Puppet Warping is a fun and exciting way to drastically or subtly alter the shape, skew, and dimensional characteristics of an element. Puppet Warp is fairly straightforward and allows for the editing of any awkward angles for any element on the screen. While we can go into detail about Automatic Lens Correction,  we want to pay more attention to the superior enhanced interface with GPU-accelerated features. Quite simply attractive and beautiful compared to the two squares and older color pickers of the day pre-CS5, the newer onscreen color picture allows photographists to sample colors with better visualization, something that was needed for that contrast appearance of color-to-color. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is just one remarkable program in the entire Adobe Master Creative Suite 5 collection that allows an extended look into photography and focus of digital editing and expands into several other programs that use anything graphics image orientated, notably Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 comes with its own suite of enhancements that makes it useful for vector designers around the world. One of the most useful features includes the Persepective Drawing function that stands out the most. In the past, designers would have to skew their object sets to outlay the background workspace to fit certain scenes at different angles in their graphics or use a complex series of pen tool points. Now, shapes are easier to draw before and Adobe Illustrator CS5 takes the shapes and outlines them in perspective depending on any point of reference that can be any image, shape, or object. Adobe Illustrator CS5 displays further enhancements with different workspaces and the interface to realize that enhancements and workflow is incredibly important to utilize Adobe Illustrator CS5 files in other programs, such as publishing with Adobe InDesign CS5.

These files can compound their way into Adobe InDesign CS5, a publishing tool that also serves a wide variety of functions from creating documents, to replacing Microsoft Word and even creating interesting graphics techniques. The newest feature Adobe InDesign CS5 presents is interactivity. Productivity and collaboration features such as interactive navigations for complex menus allows documents created to be more lively and dynamic than ever before. Adobe InDesign CS5 presents an incredible export functionality to put documents in Adobe Flash CS5 while providing key elements to remain intact and increase the workflow further with changes on the go. Adobe InDesign CS5 further maintains that complexity found in previous workflows while easing the simplicity of the usage.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe After Effects CS5 are complementary to Motion Graphics and Video Editing experts. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 comes with an incredible number of features that range from better chroma keying to 64 Bit workflows and the newly engineered Mercury Playback Engine for fast HD rendering and workflow transfer. The heavily used HD formats on the newer cameras has seen a long range of slow scrubbing software from some other companies and finally a difficult time to really cut and fine tune the footage. With Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, the engine is geared towards not just tapeless workflow but also designed to make full use of HD through the CineForm Neo 3D plugin and more.  Adobe After Effects CS 5 takes a rank through Adobe Dynamic Link and satiates a motion graphics thirst for creating footage and assets for post-production editing. Having used RED Cinema Camera’s ourselves, we were able to test RED footage on both programs at 4K that worked superbly for not only preview capacity at 16GB of RAM, but also showed smoother than Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. While limitations always exist in software and hardware, and there were still some minor hiccups in render previewing, a lot of the action seemed intact and the waits were only minimal at best.

The only hard part for some people will be to know that After Effects and Premiere Pro are only available for 64-bit. While we used 16 GB, the program certainly uses a lot less by default. The decision while narrowing the amount of people that can use the software, takes a turn for the best. Considering a vast majority of professionals already use these tools to placate heavy graphics burdens, it seemed practical for Adobe to turn away from the more amateur base and into the professional sector that demands an operating system that can use and see more than 4 GB of RAM. As such, we calculated one final test: how well does this change really impact the system? The results are interesting nevertheless. Using a x64 system and some project files provided to us by the team at RED, we were able to run tests with the x64 at a smaller amount of RAM and a larger amount of RAM. The results indicate that x64 support actually has no beneficial advantage in terms of the Mercury Engine’s running and rendering preview time for the project files (files filled with vector graphics at 2K). The render times relatively were under a difference of 4 frames per second for both 2K and 4K tests done at the amounts of 4GB RAM and 8 GB RAM, where the latter started exhibiting a limit in terms of any noticeable advantage. Compared to Premiere Pro CS4, however, these results showed a marked improvement averaging well over 10 frames per second increase than its predecessor, a noteworthy accomplishment displaying that 64-bit only could have possibly prevailed in this scenario. While these results are subject to change per system application, it does bring up the possibility that in the future there might be support for x86 Adobe After Effects CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 or more possibly Creative Suite 6.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition is expansive in application, and applies not just to just production, but also web design. Adobe’s Dreamweaver series made it possible all around the world for people to create intricate websites with the active animations and clear sidebar stock assets we see today. Having utilized workflow to a maximum as one of the key pillars of the entire Creative Suite Collection of products by design, Adobe Dreamweaver extended this workflow by utilizing the Flash integration capabilities through .XML and CMS (Content Management System) Flash Professional integration to create something lively and exciting altogether.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition offers an incredible set of tools that takes creativity from the most used graphics programs all around the world, and extends them into websites with Dreamweaver CS5, live enriched documents, animated publications through InDesign, Color Finesse picture quality through motion graphics, sounds from the proprietary SoundBooth editing software and an on-location set of productivity edition tools, and finally authoring it using Contribute through an expansive Adobe Review system graced by the elegance of 64 bit native support in all applications. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection Edition is markedly a very important step to making something greater and even better in the Adobe line of Suite Products more than it already offers. As of right now, we will just have to wait until the magic unfolds further.

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