Aliens vs. Predator Review – Not So Great, Rookie

Aliens vs. Predator showed a lot of promise during its creative façade with developer Rebellion. The balance between different characters seemed to be shaping up nicely and improving on the core concepts from the film, but ultimately Aliens vs. Predator has failed to deliver by providing a bland single-player campaign, and a decent multiplayer offering.  Aliens vs. Predator features three campaigns that give fans a look into all three types of species and thereby offers different types of play. Regardless, Aliens vs. Predator depends too much on the nostalgia of the previous titles to create a form of withstanding entertainment other than the sheer fact of controlling aliens of predators. While certain moments of the game are interesting, the game has too many prominent defects from gameplay design, to mission compatibility that is short-lived and receding fun. Miserably so, while gliding along the walls as an alien sees a short-lived joy, Rebellion’s newest addition in the franchise relies on recycled elements that disregard the game in its entirety.

Aliens vs. Predator has a familiar history: people find planet / a mysterious totem ritualistic crypt and bad things happen that transition into gameplay. Aliens vs. Predator takes the main appeal through three-sided campaigns of marine, alien, and predator. Each campaign has strengths and interesting factors to make gameplay great within the context of the storyline. The marine’s campaign revolves around an unnamed protagonist deemed ‘Rookie’ as their convoy crash-lands, resembling a typical shooter element storyline and something unoriginal on Rebellion’s part. Atmospheric lighting increase the tension as the environment becomes dark with xenomorphs. Aliens escape from their lab and have their own fun crawling around walls and what not, while Predator’s land due to a beam from the crypt and embark on a habitual rage.

Aliens vs. Predator only gets as fun as the simple features in each species type. The gameplay is dwindled down to a lot of the basics that are done poorly and tedious level design and gameplay becomes annoying. Dark thrills are interesting, but unfortunately there is no element of being the hunted as it sounds when someone chooses to be a marine. The environments get dreadfully bright, and kill any sort of tension in the core makings of a thriller, where the dark plays a pivotal role. Shooting is further terrible and there is no real audio-work for the death of the Aliens other than just a ragdoll animation. Apparently, melee gets intensely boring as that is all anyone will really need: melee, smash, shoot. Some levels add thrill, but in a badly designed way as they limit the moving space and make the gameplay feel cheaper than challenging if anything.

Online elements of Aliens vs. Predator revolve around the same gameplay concepts, but fares slightly better due to real people than similarly mediocre A.I. The online offerings are more delightful but are still struggling from the campaign’s mechanical flaws.  Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch allows players to mix species’ strengths and weaknesses, but ends up too linear in a level with just statistics.  In Infestation, one of the special modes designed to be fun according to Rebellion, starts off as an alien converts marines into xenomorphs. This is great and simply works well, but it can be rather annoying with certain maps that are too small for their own good. Predator Hunt is an advanced and upgraded version of tag in which one player begins as a predator tags another. The modes are fun, but are too traditional and seem to be heavily relied on simple numbers or waves of enemies like Survivor mode.  Lack of gameplay variety keeps most of these modes at bay.

Aliens vs. Predator unfortunately resounds a very mediocre offering from Rebellion and publisher SEGA, but it does offer some slight thrills oddly enough at certain moments of the game. Poor level design and lack of attention to detail in terms of gameplay of every species and overall mechanics makes Aliens vs. Predator one for the bargain bin.

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