Alone In The Dark Demo To Scare The $#@! Out Of You

For those of you itching to get back into the world of Alone in the Dark, you’re in luck. There’ll be a playable demo of the game hitting the 360 (No PS3 Demo?) sometime before the game’s release. For those of you who aren’t old, you may not remember Alone of the Dark. Well, prior to Resident Evil, if you wanted to $#@! your pants in sheer fright, Alone in the Dark was your game. Granted, much like old horror movies, the game doesn’t hold up as well when compared to current games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but it’s always good to remember your roots. What If this new Alone in the Dark manages to recover its survival horror crown after all these year?

Alone in the Dark Demo Confirmed [Gaming Verdict]

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  1. I’m looking forward to this game. From what i’ve seen of this game so far, it looks promising.

    PS3 demo PLZ

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