AMD To Redefine Line Between CG and Real Time Graphics

A few months ago, AMD held a very short closed door sneak peak conference to show a teaser of their upcoming aims for the future, clenching the very satchel to break free from technological limits in graphics hoping to fulfill their goals. Soon, WhatIfGaming will have all the details regarding AMD’s announced upcoming breakthrough to the fast paced mouth drools of the technology sector. We will not reveal everything just yet, but sit with your eyes glued to the monitor.

The timer has changed to reflect the countdown of the details. At ease hardware enthusiasts, Hollywood is a reflex away.

I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Woah

  2. Unbelievable. That’s going to rock

  3. Tell me about it. = D

  4. This is beauty. Love the timer

  5. I bet it’s a RV reveal with some serious breakthrough. Can’t wait for details

  6. Wonder what they’ll do ! So excited.

  7. Maybe. But this sounds even better

  8. Golly Tri-ATI 😐

  9. Haha you can say that again ^ Definitely something huge

  10. This will be epic

  11. Waiting on this : D!

  12. Oh snaps. It’s coming

  13. Heck yeah

  14. Wow. Woah is right, this is going to be great

  15. Grand stuff for sure.

  16. Nvidia will need to seriously step it up. Can’t wait for the influx of different GPU reviews.

  17. Nice. Will buy it, whatever it is.

  18. Same here. Definitely looking forward to coverage and reviews

  19. No doubt it’ll be huge for sur

  20. Major news

  21. Fuack. What can it be?

  22. Wow. I think I just came from this

  23. hahaha. Gizzzz

  24. So it BEGINS

  25. I’m anxious now

  26. Can’t wait. Thanks

  27. My kind of event

  28. I wonder what it is. EPIC is the right word

  29. I’m jumping on the walls now

  30. Same here. Minus the walls hahaha

  31. That banner is sexy. The news is HOT. I’m so excited

  32. Wonder what impact this will have on future MMO’s. No doubt will they look like PS3’s games in actuality this time. Who knows. VERY eager to see the news

  33. FreedomPhantom likes this A LOT

  34. Like the others, very very very very very excited

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