Answering The Readers: GTA IV

Welcome to an exciting addition of something we like to call “Answering The Readers.” In this, we answer all your questions related to a title we know from our own experiences of previewing/seeing a specific game. Okay, maybe not all your questions as we have to be very selective with what we answer, but throw them out there and we will see what we can do. Some will eventually require direct contact, so hang in there. Go ahead, pop in a couple of questions in our comments. Remember what we said already, and remember it well. Let the questions roll on in. And please refrain from all the gift baskets, notes of sexual desire, etc. We know you love us for this, but show the love by joining our community than making it all mushy.

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  1. 1.Will you be able to clean your dirt off of cars
    2.Will pedestrians run away if you did somehting wrong in the past? If so, For How long?

  2. 2 (cont.) What i meant was like how long will they remember you.

  3. I’d like to know what the development team felt was the most challenging aspect of creating the world of GTA4. What problems did they run into, and what did they want it the game but had to cute due to limitations? Or did they pretty much get to do everything that they wanted?

  4. OH… and there was mention about ridding the subway, and how you can skip through if you want to the next station, or you stop.. etc…

    How does that work if you’re being chased… do they follow you? do you just lose some of the heat on you if you get on the subway before they see you?

  5. First of all, what can you tell us about the new aiming/cover system used in combat?

    Second, I know the fanboys are going to ask this and go “LOL *insert console name* IZ BETTAH,” but are there any small differences in GTA4 for PS3 and 360? I’m just asking because IGN said that “The PS3 version has slightly less anti-aliasing issues while the 360 has more bright and vibrate colors,” and wanted to see if you guys saw anything else to either prove or shoot down what IGN said.

    Third, is that I.N.S. (The Blackhawk) helicopter replacing the Hunter from past GTA games, or is it actually the Hunter?

    Fourth, how detailed is the damage, from both weaponry and the environment on cars, bikes, and helicopters? Also, do bikes and helicopters have the same deformable physics as cars in GTA4 do?

    Fifth, how awesome is GTA4’s graphics? Are they at par, better, or below most other games? Do you think this would affect the game?

    Sixth, we’ve seen variants of certain weapons in trailers, randing from AK’s with AKS fold-able stocks to MP5-K’s with a normal MP-5 receiver + flashlight. Did you notice variants of weapons in games, or were these guns just place holders?

    Seventh, is the “No load screens whatsoever” claim true? They said they have but it seems a little hard to believe that there are no load screans in such a large and detailed game such as GTA4.

  6. There have been a lot of cryptic reveals in magazine and online previews that refer to horses and dogs. Wouldn’t happen to have one of those cryptic animal reveals would you?

  7. Okay guys, we’ve noted all these questions and will try to the best of our ability in answering them. If needed, we’ll contact our good friends at R* as well to get the dish on any q’s we can’t answer ourselves. Keep them coming. Also, we won’t be answering the questions here…we’re going to answer them in a different article. So, please note that.

  8. Are all single player vehicles available in multiplayer?
    Is online free roam just like single player minus the misssions?
    Can you use the car trunk or dufflebag?
    Can you ride in the back of limos anytime?
    Can you hang from the back of trucks?
    Can you steal clothes and jewelry?
    How does activating multiplayer work? Is it like Crackdown?
    Can you text message someone via cell phone while in game?

  9. Is it true there is split screen co op on ps3 and NOT on the 360 version?

  10. What are some minor crimes we can get chased for? i.e. Running red lights.

  11. 1) Is there a parachute in GTA IV, like there was in GTA: San Andreas?
    2) Are there planes that you can fly?
    3) Which version runs smoother, I.E has less framerate issues, the PS3 or Xbox 360 version.
    4) Can you drive a train or only ride in it?

  12. Can we find a parachute and jump off skyscraper?

  13. 1. Are there Semis with attachable trailers as San Andreas did?
    2. Can vehicles such as buses and limos carry the same number number of people as it has seats? Such as being able to carry 16 players in one bus.

  14. Is it true there is 4 player co-op play and 16 player free roam?

  15. Hi whatifgaming. Im a member of and we are gamers that are trying to get devolpers to put southpaw & legacy controls in all games so can you find out if there will be the option to play southpaw in GTA4? example left stick is for aiming & looking around. right is for moving your charcter. op of the defalt found in most games. thanks you! We would really like to know.

  16. 1. Will we be able to open trunks in cars? If so I would love to throw a random bum or hooker in the trunk, drive full speed hitting every bump on my way to the pier, then jump out at the last second as the car crashes into the bay, sinking and taking my kidnaped victim to sleep with the fishes.

    2. What kind of water craft will be available, I know there will be speed boats, sail boats and the such but wanted to know if we would be able to captain anything very large? Like a yaught, cargoship, tanker etc.

    3. Is it true that the only vehicle to allow you to get off the ground is the helicopter? will there be no other vehicle or special unlock like the jet pack?

    4. Other than vehicles and light poles, what can we expect to see as far as destructable objects or environments?, and does anything stay destructed?

  17. Just a request: When you guys do publish some of the answers could you please post here the address where we can go to check it out? Thanks

  18. 1. Can you confirm that the DualShock 3 will be supported? I’ve seen lots of speculation but no confirmation from a game website that’s had time with the game.
    2. Parachutes??? Be awesome to sky dive in this one!

  19. I forgot one other thing …
    3. Using the cell phone or menu will there be customizable soundtracks … such as playing music off of your hard drive on PS3? I know it’s going to have a fantastic soundtracks but I have some personal favorites that would be great to hear. Kind of like the feature on San Andreas on the original Xbox.

  20. I have two more questions. Will there be online Co Op on GTA IV? If so, how many can play? If there is a parachute, can you jump out of a helicopter and use it?

  21. I wish people would stop posting the same question, and it has been confiremed there are no parachutes in the game.

  22. Well safcftm33, I can’t be bothered to read all the previous questions as there are too many..

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