Answering The Readers: The Answers

We got a chance to get our readers to ask all the questions they’ve ever wanted for Rockstar’s action adventure title: GTA IV. And now, let the most asked questions be revealed.

1. Are all single player vehicles available in multiplayer?

All single player vehicles are available in multiplayer, yes.

2. Is online free roam just like single player minus the missions?

At the moment, all we can say is that the online free roam is basically single player without the missions, but there is a bit more to it. But do not worry. The main premise is the same. Simply put: GTA Singleplayer Online–with many people. Also, there are NO graphical differences.

3. Can you use the car trunk or dufflebag?

We are not allowed to answer this, but we can generally say–trunks are useable in the game and not specifically tied to missions only.

4. Can you ride in the back of limos anytime?

Limo’s can be seen driving around, and yes you can if you have that kind of bling to do it.

5. Can you hang from the back of trucks?

You can cling on to the back of trucks, if that’s what you mean by hanging. If you mean Niko clinging to the bumper of a truck and hanging on with his bare life as the concrete makes russian moose with him: then no.

6. Can you steal clothes and jewelry?

All we can say is, you can steal a lot of things that weren’t possible in previous games.

7. Can you text message someone via cell phone while in game?

The beauty of GTA IV is you do not have to follow commands in a linear perspective like an idiot. It is true that while the previous iterations allowed you to do a fair amount of stuff in the open world environment, the core gameplay was linear and a bit constricted. Here, Niko can use his phonebook to send messages and make calls and plans for the day. So, as to answer your question of actually text messaging someone, the answer is yes and no. You can text message them, ally up, or just do something completely random. But, you cannot enter the message in yourself.

8. There have been a lot of cryptic reveals in magazine and online previews that refer to horses and dogs. Wouldn’t happen to have one of those cryptic animal reveals would you?

There are no dogs in the game as it is now.

9. The “No load screens whatsoever” claim true?


10. What are some minor crimes we can get chased for? i.e. Running red lights.

You answered one for yourself, but others include speeding, going awall, or just having your window broken can even arouse suspicion. Remember, this game focuses on realism.

11. Parachutes? Hrm?


12. Can you drive a train or only ride in it?

Can’t answer this, but you can ride on a train. If you’re being chased by cops though, watch out. They can come in the train and you’d have to fight them off or try beating them out the door so they miss you. But next stop, expect there to be police.

13. Are there southpaw & legacy controls?


14. Will we be able to open trunks in cars?


15. Is it true that the only vehicle to allow you to get off the ground is the helicopter? will there be no other vehicle or special unlock like the jet pack?

The helicopter is one vehicle which can lift off the ground, but if it is the only one is something we can’t answer. As for “special unlocks” or cheats—forget about it. There will not be any cheats in this game whatsoever or special unlocks like that. This is different than past GTA’s for a reason. To be real and include a pedestrian grit.

That wraps up our Q&A with the readers, and we hope that you’ve had a blast asking questions. Now go back to your sofas and keep up that impatient attitude for GTA IV April 29th.

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