Antec Twelve Hundred Gamer Case Review: See Through

Antec Twelve Hundred Gamer Case Review

Ever since the Nine Hundred Gaming Case, Antec has been looking for many more ways to increase the stability of the overall experience for gamers and hardware enthusiasts at the end of their computer’s life cycle. Hopeless and needy with their venture, gamers are setting out for a new PC upgrade with the latest line of GPU’s recently hitting the DIMM regions all the way to the mountains of the PCI-E slots. Successor to the Nine Hundred, The Twelve Hundred is Antec’s current best hardcore case for gamers looking to build a crazy setup with the wildest cooling system. Building off the Hundred heritage, the Twelve Hundred ushers features such as: enhanced case cooling through more performable air solutions with air filters, capacity for more fans, and extraordinary space, all of which resuscitate the raw case urge everywhere.

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  2. i like very much ty

  3. thanks for this beautiful review

    Monolith2001 replied on June 21st, 2008 1:00 AM:

    It was a nicely detailed review like all the others ones ever done at WhatIfGaming. Loved it. Most of these have an incredible structure now. But still are unique every review. Adds a section here and there. Good stuff

  4. Woah. Buying it from newegg. $215.

  5. Epic.

  6. Buying this. Thanks so much! Was almost getting a previous case from review

  7. Thanks very much. I respect your reviews a lot.

  8. Great indeed

  9. Awesome stuff

  10. Amazing review. Really love how you add sections when need be. Why don’t more fking do this? Oh right. college drop outs. =D

  11. Nice nice. This is the case I’ve been looking for :)

  12. Thanks

  13. Amazing review

  14. Too heavy for me, but not my bf 😉 he’ll get this. Been buying new PC parts. thx

  15. Cool stuff

  16. Thanks for this. Love the entire review. Nice pics

  17. Bought it just now. ;D

  18. Great. Detailed. Concise as always

  19. Thank you!

  20. Great review, thank you

  21. Thanks a bunch! Bought this. Was between this, or the armor.

    Monolith2001 replied on June 21st, 2008 12:59 AM:

    Get it quick. It’s amazing

  22. Seriously nice review. Cool

  23. Loving this stuff. Thanks. Bought it as well

    Monolith2001 replied on June 21st, 2008 1:00 AM:


  24. Can’t buy in India,

    But I import. Not much market here for this case, but I try to buy very much. Thank you

  25. Hot graph, cooler case

  26. Thank you so much for this. I will buy it soon when I have the $$.

  27. Can’t agree with this review any more. Had it on order before the review, and even more excited now. Thanks

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