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Heat buildup sucks in a computer system and something that can lead to system instability and hinder ones overclocking experiences. With the GPU on a video card often running hotter than many Intel Prescott processors it is easy to see why one leading heat producing components in a computer is the video card. Today we have an Antec VCool. Lets see how it varies if at all.

Antec has put a ton of effort in updating their system cooling product line. By looking at their 2005 line of products, it should be obvious that cooling the interior components has become a major focus of Antec’s engineering staff with improved features.

Product Features:

  • Provides fresh cool air to your VGA card, keeping it cooler and maximizing its life
  • 3-speed switch lets you balance quiet performance with maximum cooling
  • Fits in 2 expansion slots
  • Blue LED illumination included
CFM 15.9 13.6 11.5


35.5 29.3
RPM 3500 3000 2500
Power 3.6W 3.0W 2.4W

The Vcool trial ran on two cards: ABIT RX600 and the XFX 6600GT which were advised to us. Checking temperatures using ATITOOL at idle and load we notice a small temperature difference with the RX600. With the Temperature sensor included with NVidia’s driver, we saw the same with the XFX6600GT, both cards saw a 3C drop in temperatures at idle, and a 5C drop at load. The noise generated by the VCool was not too bad at the lowest setting.

Turning it midway. Here, the RX600 saw a 3C drop at idle, and a 7C drop under load. The 6600GT saw a 4C drop at idle and an 8C drop at load. The noise generated at the second setting was still acceptable. Moving the fan switch to the highest setting saw the RX600 achieve a 4C drop in temperature at idle and a 10C drop at load. The 6600GT saw a 5C drop at idle and a 9C drop at load. The noise generated at the highest setting was noticeable over the case fans, but not too much of a distraction.

The Vcool is a great tool, that everyone should try because of the cheapness of the price, and the value of what you pay for.

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