Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G Review: Revolution Again

Long ago, there was a time when 64 KB memory architecture was king and when analog computers were hailed as the premiere of the league. Innovations, however, remain endless in this industry. The Apple iPad is simply the culmination of a group of genius’ that took the ARM architecture and infused it with the SoC (system on chip) technique to deliver an experience that is new, exciting, and undeniably fresh. With a strong suite of products to fit anyone and everyone, and incredible developer support of tools and new innovation each and every day, the Apple iPad 64 GB shows us that it is okay to no longer need our laptops. The compendium of laptop dwellers no longer have to feel boiling heat on the steeps of their laps to feel like they accomplished something. The Apple iPad 64 GB is a device that is simply unheralded in both applicability, design, and most of all usability.

The Apple iPad 64 GB has an enigmatic yet brilliant design that makes us wonder why this did not happen sooner from Apple. In its simplicity, the crux substance design comes to the thin elegance and the brilliant innovation of the oleophobic coated LED-backlit IPS screen. The screen is 9.7 inches measured diagonally and measures smaller than a magazine while only weighing 1.5 pounds and .5 inches thin.  The Wi-Fi + 3G model comes a little thicker than the Wi-Fi only models but remains just as thin and less burdensome. The curve of the brushed steel on the back allows the device to comfortably sit in your hands without feeling too glacé. For recycling enthusiasts, and for unaware people across the world, most screens use heavier alkali metal bases to form the thin film between the monitor and the lighting or the LCD. Some of these screens can contain polivynl chloride, Mercury, Arsenic, or even B Flame Retardants that can be hazardous to the environment. Apple is not only taking initiative to the productivity of the screen itself for consumers, but furthering the stance to not pollute the environment in cases where the screens need to be replaced and disposed. The Apple iPad’s design shows any and everyone that simplicity in appearance outdoes the limiting factor to the purchasing things based on appearance, and shifts the focus to the real productivity of the core Operating System.

The substance of the core operating system revolves around the new A4 microcontroller innovation and begins the journey for enthusiasts worldwide. The A4 45-nm chip inside the Apple iPad 64 GB was custom-designed by Apple engineers to be tremendously powerful yet extremely power efficient. The performance is undoubtedly fast. While we wanted to see the Cortex A9-MP Core being utilized in terms of the possibilities of speed, the technology tradeoff undoubtedly seems to relate to the reality of battery life. The Cortex A8 ARM specific architecture at just a single core shows the magnitude of the Package on Package (PoP) design that has been heralded worldwide by engineers since Q4 2009, all of which makes Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G fantastic for everything from productivity apps to games and far beyond the expectations of a glorified tablet.

The Apple iPad reveals the onset of a new era from the beginning of the shooting-stars background and the inception of the Apple logo on startup. The touch based controls are fluid and easy to use. Universal to all applications, the controls remain static and feel just as dynamic as the discovery of multi-touch based interfaces itself. Safari, Apples moniker for their browser, controls with the sliding of fingers to and away from each other for zooming in and zooming out chronically. The exceptionally coherent overlay of the design rests on the suite of applications possible. The default applications includes: Contacts, Calendar, Browser, iTunes, Mail, Photos, iPod, Notes, Maps, YouTube, and most importantly unlimited possibilities through developer supported App Store. The Multi-Touch screen on Apple iPad is based on the same as that on the iPhone. The technology has been completely reengineered for the larger Apple iPad surface, making it precise and responsive. So whether you are deleting an e-mail, looking at photos, or searching through the internet with Safari, the Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G takes you there with incredible accuracy.

Any system starts with the basics, but few make the basics work well.  The default set of applications for the Apple iPad 64 GB provides an extensive array of easy to use tools that make use of an incredible powerhouse. Mail is incredibly exciting with the sent sounds of breezes and the pings of receiving mail. If connected to the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, you can choose to either update both sent mails to the server and the Apple iPad itself in the same folder as the server default, or create a separate folder just for Apple iPad sent mails that are also updated to the server.  iTunes allows purchases of albums on the go either from 3Gor wireless. There is no waiting and any purchases are later transferred over to iTunes and can easily be backed up. iTune offers a way to back up your iTunes library, playlists, and iTunes Store purchases (including Applications purchased from the App Store) using the Back Up to Disc feature saves your media to a blank disc (CD or DVD) and once backed up, iTunes can use your backup disc to automatically restore your iTunes library and device. Maps is relatively straightforward, however, there have been some offset problems experienced in terms of the Skyhook services for Wi-Fi capability finder. The suite of application stretch onto the notables, but in particular one we are fond of that is not included as the basic toolset is the iBooks application. The application creates a beautiful shelf layout with book titles and supports not just protected E-Publications, but also unprotected E-Publications and purchasing books from the Bookstore is easy and simply stunning that needs to be experienced by anyone that will go out today and pick up an Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G.

The battery life of the Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G is incredible no matter what anyone does and remains to be very efficient unlike a similarly thin Macbook Air. While the Apple engineers took the same lithium-polymer battery technology they developed for Mac notebook computers and applied it to the Apple iPad 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G, they were sure not to make the dangerous mistake of going with the Macbook Air design. With the Screen Sleep/Wake feature with the top button, battery is hardly used even if the device is technically still powered on. We did a series of battery stretch tests to see just how well the battery handles on load and idle sleep capacity. We left the battery untouched while doing nothing, and while constantly looping music at Apple Lossless. Noticeably, the iPad lasted literally more than 24 hours with depleting less than ¼ of the power indicator. On load while browsing videos constantly and having music play with the screen set to full brightness, the iPad lasted more than 14 hours in our tests, 4 hours more than Apple’s own humble results. Keep in mind, that these results an battery life depends on device settings, usage, and many other factors. Battery tests are conducted using specific iPad units and as such actual results may vary.

In terms of the core Wi-Fi capability and the 3G bands, the iPad performs exceptionally for a few things. The 3G capability of the iPad in a 4G evolving world is interesting to ponder, but phone usage will always remain with the iPhone and further mobile-only devices. The 3G channel method access supports IMT-DS air interface CDMA primarily in UMTS and GSM/EDGE on the typical quadband support from 810 to 1900 MHz. Wi-Fi has N capability (47Mbps+). We had a chance to test this out and for the most part achieved an optimal speed of 30 Mbps using a HD speed test, but the speeds for Wi-Fi definitely seemed a bit erratic and problematic at times, which can definitely be a detriment to a product that bases itself on these types of connections.

The primary concern anyone with an iPad has is which accessory to buy when it comes to screen protection. The answer? None.  The fact of the matter is that Apple has built this screen and product, like all products, to be resistant to hairline scratches. In order to make a scratch to begin with, people need to apply a strong enough force to breach the coating to begin. The best accessory any Apple iPad owner can buy for themselves is the Apple iPad Case. The brushed metallic back seems to be more prone to scratching due to the dock connector port and the weirdly offset connector port at the bottom of the iPad which is shifted to the left a bit and hence making an easier fit difficult. With soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to provide structure, the iPad Case is the perfect way to carry around your iPad. The Apple iPad Case also acts as a stand that holds iPad at an ideal angle for watching videos and slideshows or for typing on the onscreen keyboard. After prolonged use the case might tend to fall down, but a simple flattening of the base while the iPad is in use should alleviate the issue.

The Apple iPad is revolutionary, innovative in application, contemporary futuristic by design, and undeniably subversive to being glorious. Even though the Apple iPad comes with its shares of little issues and quirks with Wi-Fi, Mail Settings, and dock port placement, it remains a stunning stroke of ingenuity and illustrious design. We can continue to speak about the vast array of applications that further make the iPad incredible, but that is beside the point. The central focus being that anyone and everyone remotely interested in the iPad should get one and experience their own reason for why the iPad is incredible.

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