Apple iPod Touch 32GB Review: The Magic Is In The Touch

Back in the technologically impaired time stratum of 2001, Apple released their first iPod – an invention which macadamized and out-sparked a revolution in the way which people listened to music on-the-go. The concept seemed odd from the loud clanking spins of our CD players and the variable MP3 options available that were charging too high for quality that was simply too low. This CD player was history. This first generation iPod was a primitive device compared to the iPod of today but it paved the way for the basic design which has allowed Apple to create this extraordinary product that has moved way beyond the basics of listening to music but instead given a minicomputer that includes vast amounts of features and options that keeps it ahead of the curve. From the first moment that the iPod Touch is turned on, it gives the sense of having many hidden talents which will still only be found after a few weeks of getting used to all the features it possesses. It is simply a remarkable piece of hardware that is incredibly easy to use and has an impeccable design.

The sleek design of the iPod Touch is only amplified by the magnificently compact packaging it comes in hosting: the instruction manual, earphones, connecting/charging cable and the actual iPod Touch all in a 12cm x 7cm x 2.5cm box, confusing at first as to where all the cables and manuals are until the under-professionals discovered, effulgent of a professional product before it has even been switched on. The iPod Touch itself is extremely thin and while this also makes it very lightweight, it has a good feel to it so it never gives the impression of being a flimsy product. The reverse also encompasses the brilliantly polished metal backing which most recent Apple devices have mostly. This sleekness comes at a certain cost as after daily use it becomes badly scratched and marked with fingerprints which is disappointing but fortunately the same cannot be said for the front screen which holds its appearance remarkably well.

Inside the iPod Touch is the Apple A4 processor which is a very efficient processor, keeping everything running smoothly even when there is a lot of multitasking going on while also not causing a large drain on the battery. With an equally formidable processor, the PowerVR SGX GPU 535 allows games on the app store to be run very smoothly with high quality graphics and the 256MB of RAM is an additional exceptional feature, all concluding to ensure there is never any problems with the iPod Touch struggling to keep up to speed.

The immediate reaction when the iPod Touch is switched on is how responsive the 3.5 inch retina display screen is for the touch screen controls for whatever they are being used, which is a credit to Apple to keep up the consistency of a newly perfected technology. There are never any problems in usability or the fluidity of the touch controls and the retina display screen keeps everything very sharp and fresh which makes the iPod Touch enjoyable to use while being extremely functional. The standard applications that are already pre-installed include: Camera, YouTube, Maps, Clock, Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, Game Center, Photos, FaceTime, Stocks, Weather and Notes which provide a large variety of features that are useful for whatever purpose the iPod Touch was bought for. The other two icons which are immediately noticable on the main screen are the App Store and iTunes, both these are vast databases and each provide near endless possibilities for everyone’s needs. iTunes has masses of music but the range also stretches to podcasts, audio books and videos whereas the App Store has thousands of different applications for whatever extra you might want your iPod Touch to be able to do whether it is playing games, listening to radio stations or just simply checking your battery level in a graphic format. A wide array of premium content offerings in addition to a plethora of free downloads makes the possibilities endless. Let us not dapper beyond the point, the central main point being about consumer purchase. The whole point of buying an iPod Touch is to listen to music and Apple has gone with an extremely simple approach to this concept and kept most menus and such to a minimum which gets the user quickly to grips with it and creates no fuss. All the usual functions are provided such as shuffle, repeat, skipping tracks aswell as a slider for ease of changing the volume up or down which is useful. The iPod Touch also allows further mobility as the internet can be accessed through Wi-Fi which is constantly strong and allows multimedia to be sent through Bluetooth. Bluetooth does seem to have one particular and disappointing caveat: it only works with signals from other Apple products which is actually the biggest weakness of the product as only Bluetooth signals from other Apple products, a monopolization and definitely an area where Apple should look to improve in the future if it truly wants to extend open source communication in a technically apt society.

A multimedia player with a vast amount of features is the kind of product you are after, the Apple iPod Touch stops the long-awaited search by 2011 shoppers this year. The Apple iPod Touch has something for everyone and does the primary job of being a music player to a very high standard. There is really nothing much else to say about how the iPod Touch handles itself. An adept piece of hardware with incredible software inside which all adds up to being a must have product is simply something which should find itself above everyone’s past MP3 players this year and we cannot praise Apple enough for how this device has turned out and delivered exceptionally well to higher standards.

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