ARMS Review: Punch Em’ Up Cowboy

Nintendo’s ARMS confused me initially on announcement. It looked weird and a downright copy of Splatoon design just with a different “gimmick” Surprisingly, the gimmick or whatever you want to call it works. It’s about people with long arms punching the living crapola out of others.

The gameplay design really is simple with various modes. But the stars are the characters. Every character is actually interesting with having his/her own little traits. They come with their own stages, and also have different positives/negatives. I personally liked playing Spring Man of all the characters.

Every character has 3 arms they begin with, but as you play – you can unlock more. Elemental additives are also a reward prize which you can add to weapons (like flame, etc.). Personally the game can range from competitive to combat fairly quickly but if you have a group of friends – it can just be fun too.

ARMs is a great game for kids and maybe even adults. It’s premise is entirely too simple however and its replayability is stock at best. In any case, fun is to be had here even if it is not the best game in the world or in Nintendo’s arsenal so far for the Switch.



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