As Above, So Below Review: The Only Way Out Is From The Front Of The Movie Theater

As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below had trailers which seemed horrifying and scary. Unfortunately, the bulk of the movie belongs underground where people do not have to waste their hard earned money watching a movie which delivers very little performance, value, and story.

A team of explorers journey into the catacombs under Paris in order to lead an exhibition for the Philosopher’s Stone (not the Harry Potter version folks). Scarlet Marlowe’s (Perdita Weeks) father committed suicide because he was ridiculed in believing such a stone existed that could turn any base metal into stone and grant eternal life. Scarlet is out to protect his name and make a discovery for herself due to her insecure ego, and as much terror is supposed to be below these catacombs, nothing is more frightening than the bad overacting by the whole cast in this feature film combined with the terribly shot HD-camera shots (which is not even possible given the small head-gear equipment type the expedition crew had). It is a disappointment for sure considering the marketing department fueled a lot of money into it, and unfortunately there are hardly any scares aside from sudden sound jump scares to be had. Nothing is particularly terrifying or constructively done and every part of As Above, So Below seems cheap.

We highly recommend people just wait for As Above, So Below on DVD and not rent it for more than $1. Unfortunately for all its marketing, the film falls flat on its face and is the horrific product of its own terrible endeavor – which is the really horrible part.

Rating: 0.5/5 stars

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