Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Interview World Exclusive / Part 2 / In-Game Comparison Shots 360 VS PS4

We asked the team just a few more questions left unanswered and a ton of comparison shots right from the studio. After the jump, ye scurvy sailor!

WhatIfGaming: Did you all create your own Sea Engine or use a tool similar to Houdini Ocean Toolkit like the initial CG cutscene with Edward and the naval battle?

The Ubisoft Team: We created our own sea engine.  It was first developed for AC3 at the Ubisoft Singapore Studio and improved on AC4.

WhatIfGaming: Lastly – do the ocean colors change significantly between current and next gen?

The Ubisoft Team: The changes are subtle, because we wanted to still have the same art direction.   We wanted the player to feel that it was the same ocean, but the colors are slightly more contrasted due to the improved specular. For your readers, we went ahead and included comparison shots right from our core engine on the current-gen and next-gen consoles (360/PS4 comparison)

Note: Everything is current-gen first, and next gen second. All sea levels are at the same Beaufort, time is the same, and wind variable is the same between the comparison shots. Last shot is 360 VS Xbox One

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