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Mortal Kombat Review: A Fatality To Contenders

Should ever a video game series exist that was in need of an makeover, not just in one area, but the entire structure and style getting a total revamp –it was definitely Mortal Kombat. Back in the glory days of this series,  it was considered to be one of the best beat em’ ups ever to have graced the hands of gamers, but after the move away from the recognised digitized graphics and go...[Read More]

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review, Demi-God Be Lifted

Guitar Hero:  Warriors of Rock is an exonerating title that surpasses a riveting journey which bases itself on a high priority of utter carnage and temporal base notes that make the foundations of Rock and Roll come through the rift calling its name. The single player revitalizes a new formula that bases itself on the skilled hands of the veteran, all the while teaching a new sensation of musical ...[Read More]

F1 2010 Review: Third Place Podium Finish

With Formula 1 racing becoming increasing more interesting and exciting with Michael Schumacher leaving Ferrari and finally letting other drivers have a chance to win, it was disappointing that the Formula 1 games released did not quite match the quality of the real life thing, that is until Codemasters bought the license and completely revitalized the whole aspect of it. It was never that the pre...[Read More]

Alpha Protocol Review: The Last Failed Hope

Every now and again a game comes along that brings fresh ideas and innovative concepts that makes people stand up and take notice and have genuine belief that what will follow will be the next best thing. However, when these great features are ruined by amateur errors in game design it brings a tear to the eye when you think of what could have been. Alpha Protocol is a game which falls exactly int...[Read More]

Split Second: Velocity Review – The Speed Is The Charm

As racing games go, they all  follow the same basic concept of  drive fast and win. Very few actually differ in levels of realism and skill they strive to achieve with a passion.  Luckily, Split Second takes the task of start to finish and makes it revitalizing, new, and an overall decent title to play that provides a sense of experience and realism. Split Second pushes for an added new dimension ...[Read More]

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review – Time Can Be A Cruel Mistress

The Prince will never be in the forgotten realms of every gamer that has encountered him. The Prince returns in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and this time the mood is entirely different from Prince of Persia 4, the storybook equivalent that focused more on the inveterate storybook version as the original and truly defined a new height for the series with humor, and action combined into on...[Read More]

Alpha Protocol Small World Trailer – Perfect Arabia

The  latest trailer for SEGA and Obsidian’s upcoming espionage RPG Alpha Protocol is out today, putting the spotlight on the numerous locales Agent Michael Thorton will be traveling to and from throughout his adventure. From Saudi Arabia to Russia and from Italy to Taipei, this Agent has his work cut out for him. More details at SEGA

Alpha Protocol Stealth Pack – Available At Exclusive Retailers

In Obsidian Entertainments’s Alpha Protocol, your number one weapon is choice. And, everyone knows that out on the battlefield, surrounded by enemies with death potentially lurking around every corner, even the best of the best agents are still going to need all the firepower they can get their hands on. Alpha Protocol comes with a Stealth Weapons Pack available at some exclusive retailers i...[Read More]

Bioshock 2 Signature Series Guide Review: The Secrets Of Rapture Remain, Until You Have A Guide

The city of Rapture is not particularly difficult to navigate on a basic level, but its many hidden secrets can cause frustration to players as they do not get the best rewards from their game and suffer later on against much tougher opponents. This frustration is eased by the Bioshock 2 Signature Series Guide which 2K Games and BradyGames have teamed up to produce which gives you all the knowledg...[Read More]

Heavy Rain Review: The Origami Killer Is Ready For Us

The world has evolved games into two categories that are both worth a closer reveal. The high budget ‘blockbuster’ titles can become very generic and live on an established name whereas smaller titles which are full of creativity just do not pack the punch compared to a bigger offering. Heavy Rain is a refreshing title that has the major themes of a large release yet has the innovation...[Read More]

Alpha Protocol Box-Art Specialness

SEGA has just released the box-art for the espionage RPG  Alpha Protocol by Obsidian Entertainment, developers of the Knights of the Old Republic series. It is sleek, electro-technica influenced, and very alluring.

The Saboteur Review: Not Stuck In Black and White

When the words ‘game’ and ‘World War II’ are mentioned in the same sentence, everyone has a stock image of a first person shooter storming the beaches of Normandy. The Saboteur deviates from this redundant, tired look and lets you feel like a small part of a more rewarding cause. Rather than being a soldier, the gun-for-hire aspect gives the player a greater sense of accomp...[Read More]

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