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Crash Bandicoot Remaster: A Complete Lack of Ingenuity / Cash Grab By Activision

One of the first games I remember playing on the PlayStation was Crash Bandicoot. The rest of the games (though not all amazing) were decent in their own right. As of today, Activision has released and made a pathetic attempt at a remaster simply just to milk money on an older franchise. Rather than push for a newer Crash Bandicoot or something genuinely original, they have taken the exact same st...[Read More]



ARMS Review: Punch Em’ Up Cowboy

Nintendo’s ARMS confused me initially on announcement. It looked weird and a downright copy of Splatoon design just with a different “gimmick” Surprisingly, the gimmick or whatever you want to call it works. It’s about people with long arms punching the living crapola out of others. The gameplay design really is simple with various modes. But the stars are the characters. E...[Read More]



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Injustice 2 Review: Better Than The Last

Injustice 2 is so far turning out better than the last one. The story mode is like a movie, and the gameplay is better than ever – but have things really changed to make this one last unlike its predecessor? The story mode of the game is what really got me going personally. It was like watching a CGI movie, except a lot of the sequences were done in real time. The storyline is rather simple ...[Read More]



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Prey Review: Horror Decently Done

Why Bethesda couldn’t pull this off with The Evil Within – I’ll never know. The scares here are very decent. But more importantly – the storyline is well thought out in Prey’s remake despite a linearity to it. It’s nothing like the older titles – and the reboot really has something interesting and unique going for it. It makes me happy to see a game done r...[Read More]



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review: Same Ol’ Same Ol

Same old, same old. Mario Kart 8 is back just repackaged for Switch with a few newer characters and unlockables. I love Nintendo – and I love what they did putting Mario Kart 8 in the portable form factor that ultimately wipes away the Wii U version. But at the same time, $59.99 for a game where they barely did anything just doesn’t feel right to me. $39.99 seems like the sweet spot. N...[Read More]



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Horizon: Zero Dawn Review – Magnificent For The Most Part

Horizon: Zero Dawn is the best thing to come out of Sony in a long time. It’s a harrowing journey about a Seeker named Aloy across treacherous lands to discover the truth about herself, her origins, and the world that once was. It’s a captivating tale with a lot of strength, and some really amazing sequences that I fell in love with. Replayability may lack heavily once the storyline is...[Read More]



The Last Guardian Review: Time To Say Goodbye

Director Fumito Ueda successor to Shadow of the Colossus and Ico is one imbued in friendship, bond, and love. It throws you into a world of its own with its own problems, and one where symbolism is at an all time peak. Trico is what makes this game worth playing, and is the most in-depth A.I. partner one could ever ask for. The Last Guardian has deep puzzles, but moreover it has the spirit of some...[Read More]



Final Fantasy XV Review: A Bit Good A Bit So-So

Final Fantasy XV has taken a decade to get here (seriously). It took forever. So was the wait worth it? Eh, not entirely. The graphics are easily some of the best we have ever seen so far. What I absolutely hate is the combat. The vistas and boss battles are larger than life – but the rest falls short. Combat has become real time, which I don’t mind at all unlike a lot of die-hard fans...[Read More]

Why E3 Is Entirely Pointless To Me

As many of you may or may not know – I regularly have attended E3 since almost the beginning of when it became a Trade-Only event. Now – I refuse to attend it. The parties devs throw are lackluster with some lame food, the game demos are whatever, and the marketing people are shoving all their years of training in the art of scam-artistry down your throat. What you see is never what yo...[Read More]

Why No Man’s Sky Is A No Man’s Buy

Personally having played No Man’s Sky 5 times now, I just don’t get the point. Hello Games’ Sean Murray (the lead founder) keeps saying he wants this to be some fantastical experience. A game that makes you question man’s place in the world, to look up at the sky and…oh yuck. Even I couldn’t keep up with that PR nonsense much more. In all honesty, No Man’s...[Read More]

5 Things To Look Forward To In Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is coming next month, and it will reportedly bring an end to one of the great modern gaming series. The expectation is that the game will be a great experience, and it’ll likely be among the best titles released this year. It’s pretty easy to get excited about it, but here are five things in particular to look forward to with the upcoming release. 1. A ...[Read More]



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Dark Souls III Review: The First Great Dark Souls Game

OK so it won’t come as much as price to people that I am not a fan of the first Dark Souls video game. I critiqued the game for having a flawed design which sold you and relied on one thing: difficulty.  Dark Souls tried to create a game which profited in on difficulty in an inept way as creating something that was lackluster and not cohesive enough to be considered a game in its own merit. ...[Read More]

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