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The Sims Review: Get Me Home

Maxis  is a genius. The Sims is an innovative game about controlling the lives of little people. It is different, fresh and exciting. The open-ended game let players create entire families of people, or “sims,” and take control of their lives or simply sit back and watch them interact with each other. You have aspirations, modes life, and everything else that any characters strive for....[Read More]

Medal of Honor Review: Amazing, and Disappointing

Medal of Honor is a title that DreamWorks has revitalized from the ground up and introduced something new and exciting into the realm of first person shooters. A first person shooter with a storyline is amazing, even if it is widely distributed, and not to mention this is the first decent shooting title a console has yet to see since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 platform. The only thing that i...[Read More]

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Review

Capcom’s Resident Evil is back, with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and it is quite possibly the scariest game we have ever played. Ever.

Final Fantasy VIII Review – Fears Alleviate

Final Fantasy VII was an excellent title and matching something that sets a high bar in terms of storyline is difficult to accomplish. Final Fantasy VIII’s release has been undoubtedly anxiety ridden and filled with some doubt whether it would it be a return to the series’ roots or something different. After everything, SquareSoft has supremely impressed and understood how to get rid o...[Read More]

Resident Evil 2 Review

Resident Evil, our highly revered franchise of horror and thrills is back again with more acerbic violencne to satiate our devious and knaving pleasures. Resident Evil 2 is simply a cinematic experience than a video game. After the events of the first game, RE2 sees the entire town of Raccoon City hit with the devastating virus that is now filled with zombies at every street corner. Leon Kennedy, ...[Read More]

Final Fantasy VII Review

Allow me to begin by stating that everyone who likes RPG should buy this title. Never before have I seen technology, playability, and storyling combined as well as in Final Fantasy VII into a beautiful work. Square Soft’s effort results in a game that enriches and entertains despite occasional design problems  that can be very distracting when compared to the greatness of the rest of the wor...[Read More]

Resident Evil Review

Resident Evil is a great game that is simply fun to play. With over the top and awesome cinematic 3-D, it is one of the best buys for the PlayStation console that is both entertaining and fun to play.  A police special tactics and rescue squad (S.T.A.R.S.) vanishes in a remote location recently plagued by bizarre disappearances and deaths. Alpha Team lands to investigate the disappearance of Bravo...[Read More]


Throughout history, there have been times of constant ideology. Many events take shape, and make us what we have become today. Many still continue to happen to this very day, through the thinkers and intellectuals of our times. Those who dare to stand above.  Welcome to WhatIfGaming™,  a publication centered around mystery and chaos of the entertainment industry, founded originally in 1995. WhatIf...[Read More]

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