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You Must Exist In Order To Buy GTA4

Guess intelligence is a pre-requisite to work at Gamestop. You must be born on 4/29 or Earlier to Buy GTA IV! [Destructoid blogs]

PC Piracy, It’s Deadly For Companies

I’m not going to beat around the bush, PC Piracy is terrible. The guys are Crytek and Epic have been hit hard by all the rampant piracy. How hard? Unreal Tournament 3 servers received over 40 million attempts at illegitimate access using pirate keys. That number is huge, and the real magnitude comes when you calculate the retail price of $49.99 (59.99 for Collector’s Edition). If those 40 mi...[Read More]

GTA4 Is A What Game?

Sometimes the news media does funny stuff. Most of the time, it is Fox News. Next they’ll say Final Fantasy is a sports title Fox News & GTA4 – A Racing Game? [flickr]

How Desperate Are You To Play GTA4?

Probably not nearly as bad as this guy. After losing all electricity for his apartment (for not paying the bills) he headed over to his friend’s house and took root in the only room available, the bathroom. Never mind, I do not need to go anymore We forgot to pay the power bill…[]

Holy $#@! This Is Awesome

You do not need to be a Halo fan to appreciate just how awesome this shot is. Mario wishes he were this cool Bungie Community []

Nintendo Power Virtual Console Poll

Nintendo Power asked you what you wanted to see on the Virtual Console and you answered. Here’s your (not my) top 5 most wanted games on Virtual Console. 1. Earthbound 2. Super Mario RPG 3. Chrono Trigger 4. Mother 5. Majoras Mask Notice how both Mother and Mother 2 (Earthbound here in Non-Japan land) made the list. I must say, I almost completely agree with the list. I was a big fan of Eart...[Read More]

Mario Medieval Style

There are some things that naturally go good together. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate and peanut butter, Cake and Frosting but Mario and Medieval style? Perhaps its best let the art experts judge. Were there even plumbers back then? Mario []

Mario Cosplayers

Check out the Mario Cosplayers with Mickey Mouse hands. Represent! You wish you were this awesome. Mario Cosplay []

Chrome Hound Crafts Are Chrome-tastic

Remember Chrome Hounds? It’s that oft-forgotten 360 mech game from 2006. Some dude has managed to make paper models of the mechs and, let me just say, they look bad@$$ Just lookin at these makes the French surrender. Chrome Hounds Mech Papercraft [Gundam and Robot Blogspot]

360 Makes Hulk ANGRY!!

Why do you break so much?! *sob* You know what, machines break. Sorry I had to break the news to you, but this world is a cruel place to live in. Some machines break more than others though, like lets say, a certain beloved white console. What do you do when you get the dreaded 3 rings? Pout, cry, threaten people’s lives if they don’t buy you another. Some douche actually opted to try for option n...[Read More]

Co-op In Real Life

This reminds me of how me and my friends used to play at the store. Granted we didn’t use each other, but rather had one hold the place in line (there was always a line) while another went to go grab some boxes to sit on. That’s what true friendship is all about. Teamwork [Stashy]

Gamers Get Free Food!!

Ever heard of game publisher Mastiff? I haven’t, until now. Turns out they gave $250 worth of pizza to gamers. Hey, Mastiff, where’s the love for me? Even though free pizza is now out of the question, you can still sign up for free $15 burgers. You know, the good kinda burgers. Hopefully ice cream will come next. Mastiff Gives $250 Worth of Pizza to Starving Gamers[wiitopia]

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