Battlefield DLC Guns Are Free!!! But, There’s A Catch…

You did it! You complained about paying for those extra DLC guns in battlefield and now you’re getting them on the disk for free! News like this would bring tears to the eyes of NRA members. (If it happened it in real life) Bravo, fellow gamers. Alright DICE, tell us how we can get these guns for free.

-Pay $10 for the Gold Edition of the game, have the guns on the disc
-Buy the Standard Edition, hit the max rank level of 25
*In both cases, “You have to do the marketing programs that we are going to announce further ahead”

Oh boy. This is like one of those internet things. You know, like spank the monkey with a sex toy and win a free* PSwii60. For some reason, I get the feeling that we’re still gonna get boned.

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