Battlefield Spesh Edition Offers Exclusive Stuff

Battlefield: Bad Company, the blow-stuff-up-’em-up from EA DICE, is ready for action on June 23rd, but just to bump up the hype a little EA have gone and made a ‘Gold Edition’ of the game available at the same time. The only extra stuff you get in this version is a couple of behind the scenes videos and 5 weapons that everybody else will have to play multiplayer to unlock. The multiplayer beta (on the 360, as per frikking usual) has been going on recently, and here we captured a screenshot directly from the game. This is how most gunfights pan out.

In true ‘WhatIf’ fashion EA didn’t say anything about the pricing; probably so that everybody can make jokes about how it will get released in the US, delayed in Europe for about 4 months, and then sold for double in Europe, just like Rock Band. But we are not going to stoop that low, no. We think those money grabbing bastards at EA are the nicest people around and will decide to give the extras away for free.

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