Beyond: Two Souls Review – Beyond Garbage

Beyond: Two Souls has to be the cleverest and most cinematic pieces we have ever played, but one that resembles a beautiful expensive candy wrapper inside of a trashcan, muddled with stains of things best left untasted and forgotten. The journey is disappointing and fails to have any gameplay value for most players, other than mere button-pressing excitement similar to Heavy Rain, but with even lesser input.

Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls shares the story of the Unknown, a girl named Jodie, and a mysterious entity known as Aiden who is linked to her through a paranormal and unknown means. Throughout the game, players have the displeasure of sitting and watching it play out in the most ridiculous of fashions. While the plot point in the storyline is mildly okay, the actual script and voice acting direction is atrocious and beyond the worst we have seen in a game. William Dafoe and Ellen Page have decidedly created the worst video game on the PlayStation console that Sony Computer Entertainment has released. The acting and storyline combined make for one of the most mediocre and lackluster journeys we have come to play this generation of consoles. Jodie seems to be the most dumb protagonist we have come across – essentially being someone who struggles with Aiden and wants him “gone” but then has this outward need to constantly yell for his help. Couple this with her ego of being this CIA agent and having Aiden do all the work makes her not only a horrible protagonist, but also one that can barely get the job done herself.

Gameplay in Beyond: Two Souls literally has nothing but pressing buttons and making some light decisions which barely affect the gameplay. There are multiple endings, but the gameplay is literally nonexistent and one of just sitting and pressing buttons. Beyond that, players can control Aiden in the Jodie/Aiden combination of opening doors, entering bad guys, and what not when the sequences call for the appropriate buttons. Not much gameplay, so there is not much more to write here.

Beyond: Two Souls is decidedly the worst game ever created for the PlayStation 3 and one we seriously advise players against. A MSRP for this title is a pure rip-off of massive proportions.

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