BioShock: Infinite Exclusive Interview – Ken Levine, BioShock 2, Space And Retribution For Infinite

WhatIfGaming: Ken, I just want to thank you for this interview again, it has been a long while since we met back during the reveal for BioShock: Infinite.

Ken Levine: Oh yea, yea. It is always fun to meet up with someone I was getting along with so well.

WhatIfGaming: I just had a chance to actually see BioShock: Infinite in the exclusive behind closed doors room, and wow….that title has successfully saved itself from the torment the second one put itself through.

Ken Levine: Hahaha. Why would you say that? Well I mean….er’. Yea. I suppose there were problems to the second one, but my involvement…with that has been very limited. Sad that it was not as good as the first.

WhatIfGaming: So…would you say you guys are trying to vindicate yourselves? This title…that ambiance, that unique storyline, that complete and different environment within Columbia and the relationship with Songbird, Booker DeWitt, and Elizabeth is just glorious….

Ken Levine: Obviously I think when we created BioShock, we were always hoping for the best with it…that any title would succeed…the second did not do that much and this time the team here at Irrational Games really needed…more like WANTED to create that defining moment where we revealed that fans of all kinds do not HAVE to give up on it, there is more out there, and I am very glad you saw that…smart guy.

WhatIfGaming: I was most impressed by the A.I. It had that same shock factor with different crowds…that anarchist struggle between the government and the power struggle of the Songbird and the symbolism of the tower…A.I. aside, what was the story direction like? What…..made you all go to the clouds?

Ken Levine: There is a funny story behind that actually. We were spending so much time with water, we kind of had a saying of well: “What If We Went To The Moon?” (laughs). But we were not trying to make a Dead Space title here…

WhatIfGaming: Haha, maybe in the future? Maybe…BioShock in Space?

Ken Levine: No comment…(laughs).

Ken Levine: But the cloud structure is realistically the right choice. It revealed a contrast…the contrast we wanted from water to the sky. I can’t talk too much about the storyline, but there is a relationship within BioShock and BioShock: Infinite…instead of being a Big Daddy, you are Booker DeWitt and you are a mercenary. Instead of the small girls, there is Elizabeth in need.

WhatIfGaming: Ken, thanks for explaining more of everything to our readers. I personally am looking forward to BioShock: Infinite.

Ken Levine: Anytime!

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