BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition Review: Ascending To The Clouds

The clouds are piercing the morning air with their incandescent colors, as my lungs fill up with the sweet rubescent scent of the morning air over Columbia’s horizon. This is BioShock Infinite, a title which brings a fantastical world alive in the sky similar to Laputa: Castle In The Sky. BioShock Infinite shatters a new ground-breaking reality in terms of storyline atmosphere that is reminiscent of BioShock itself. Irrational Games has created another glorified masterpiece in terms of gameplay structure, environment, ambiance, sound and much more. BioShock Infinite itself skyrockets to sky-breaking depths and keeps transcending its own bounds with gameplay that blends the traditional elements of BioShock and brings it to infinite lengths in BioShock Infinite.

BioShock Infinite’s storyline is something we will not summarize here even if you will soon become the game’s protagonist Booker DeWitt. I do realize that as a review site we should mention the plot but this is not necessary and we really feel a summation of the plot would take away from this title that has worked hard on the wonder that is their universe. In general, however, the title is about a city in the sky which has taken on a sociopolitical climate with a false prophet, broken dreams, and of course more than meets the eye (or should we say sky). That is as much as we will say about the factual storyline detail. The actual plot twists and character development is parapsychollogically envigorating and the experience with the sky like motif between the freedom of the environment and the chains of the political nature that bind the inhabitants within. BioShock Infinite presents a stark contrasting tale that is capturing as much as it is telling.

BioShock Infinite’s gameplay focuses on an intuitive engine and Sky-Line system with classical BioShock power elements to create one heck of a fun time. Booker DeWitt gains powers and abilities through Vigors and Gears in Columbia. Booker can find 8 Vigors and multiple Gears as clothing items where he can interchange them during normal gameplay action. Finally, the machines from BioShock are gone and there is a on-the-fly changing system for powers and abilities. The Sky-Hook is one of the most noticeable weapons in BioShock Infinite which uses the rail-way system for the various point-to-point transport which was used in Columbia itself. Combat itself is straightforward and cohesive in terms of run and attack seamlessness. Everything from the gameplay pacing to the storyline integration in BioShock Infinite is a spectacular display of solid gameplay mechanics that deliver at every turn of Columbia.

BioShock Infinite invigorates gamers to a new atmosphere that is leagues above the humble water beginnings of the franchise. BioShock is one game amongst many which set a precedent for believable environments which lend space to incredible atmospheres along with other notable titles such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and more. While BioShock 2 was utterly disappointing, BioShock Infinite is finally the successor the franchise has been waiting for to pull it to the clouds and let it bask in the sun. BioShock Infinite soars above the rest and takes place next to the rays of light that the team at Irrational Games shines upon the gameplay, storyline, and more importantly the atmosphere of the environment.




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