BioShock PS3 confirmed; Not A Port

I told you all numerous times it would happen, and I care to gloat on it since I said it ever since last year at another publication. BioShock is officially bound for the PlayStation 3.

“We can confirm that BioShock will be headed to the PlayStation 3 as not a port” a representative for 2K Games told us directly. Apparently, the game will have major graphical overhauls, and EXTRA content to prepare PS3 owners for BioShock 2 on the PS3.


I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.


  1. Haha. You nailed it on the head

  2. Already pre-ordered mine. I knew this would happen.

  3. Booo. Enjoy your weak 720p resolutions! I’ll play on 2560 x x

  4. i may Rebuy it on ps3:p since i have it on 360 already Dont know though :(

  5. Glad to hear this.

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