Blair’s Death Rain Habanero Chips Review: Burn It Down

Blair's Death Rain Habanero Chip Reviews

Fire. Fire! We will be looking into fire! Literally: in the form of kettle cooked potato chips dabbed in Blair Lazar’s concoction of an intense brush of spices on top. We are doing this review not just in honor for those hardware people in our audience who sit in front of their PC chowing down while looking at DDR3 Coral RAM, but also for those people who sit in gaming lands for hours or are too busy with Blu-ray movie-vision and action. We all need a snack every once in a while. These chips and anything ‘Blair Lazar’ are a must have.

Taking a look at one shriveled chip itself, we can see pure flavor. It is red, and covered with jarring sprinkles of its spiciness. You do not want to mess with this creature unless you really can handle it. These chips were kettle cooked in hell, in a good way. Or just some really hot place. Now I personally have had a lot of spicy foods in my time, filled with loads of Red chili’s, Green chili’s, Serrano, Ancho Pablano, Chiltecpin. Yeah, take that all in. But when you first put these in your mouth, even for a pro, they are seriously XXX Hot like the label. Don’t play around with these chips unless you really love spices that much or have an adventure scale equal to Indiana Jones –you have been warned. At first you will be fine with it. It will be something like this: “Pfft, these aren’t hot at all. Hah..ha ha ha..” and then you will feel it after the 4th bite, your mouth above blistering lava pools as you rush to find water in your sweat ridden state.

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