Blu-Ray Is Bourgeois. Canadians Unite!

RevoltIt all started from an article by the Montreal Gazette, which stated the notoriety of Blu-ray in Canada, and the world in both picture and storage. It is this very article which made Ben Lemieux of the McGill Tribune furious, calling Blu-ray a scam. Apparently, 70% of Canadians are aware of Blu-ray for what it is gaining the rep for, the next industry standard.

Expressing that Blu-ray is not all bad, Lemieux is particularly furious with the conundrum of it all:

The increasing prevalence of Blu-ray in the home entertainment market is no doubt good news for film gluttons. But therein lies the conundrum: if DVD technology (as we have repeatedly been told) is truly the bee’s knees, then why are these discs going out the window faster than that 80s Hits!

And the answer seems to be money and money anyways as far as Lemieux is concerned. Going on to state that the capitalism is obvious of the matter with such past incidences of Sony releasing an “industry setting” SACD to compete with normal audio CD’s, Lemiux wants people to fight. Fight against the technological revolution. Technology schmology is bulltonk apparently.

If consumers continue to purchase DVDs as fervently as they have in the past five years and treat Blu-ray discs as the superfluous, bourgeois commodity that they are.

Such passionate words. You hear that everyone? Let’s fight the bourgeoisie! Before we have a Blu Revolution on our hands. Contact the loyalists. Quickly.

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