Bourne Has Some Back – Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Conspiracy Review

The Bourne Conspiracy Review

Aw Babe. Aw Babe…then it fell apart….it fell apart. Don’t worry everyone. This game surely doesn’t fall apart like the ending song from the film suggests to a scenario. The latest action/adventure from Vivendi Games allows the players to look over their shoulders as Jason Bourne, an ex-government operative agent who becomes a fugitive on the run to prove his innocence in a long winded and secretive conspiracy that made the saga ever so bold. Through intense hand-to-hand combat, daring escapades, and a story that digs into the origins as well as the overlying story, Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Conspiracy creates a great game any Bourne lover should play. While the action’s reflexes are skilled, there are some things that can be improved to make this conspiracy more realistic.

The Bourne Conspiracy doesn’t waste any time diving right into the roots of the shooting thrill through a game that takes Bourne’s origins hands on and blends it with current events. Starting off with the stylistic menu adorned by the music score, the players are splashed into the coast of Marseilles with no recollection of identity. If any are fans of the film, don’t expect the character to look like Matt Damon, even though this would have immensely helped. The first slight twitch comes from the fact that this model looks nothing like Damon, but also that it describes a Bourne not even close to the book description. Our own specially created version of Bourne remembers something that he believes to be a memory, and you jump right into it. The shooting is straightforward Gears of War mechanics, which is great but would have been better with something more originally thought out. You duck, you hide behind a wall, you reach out to shoot, basically very standard practice. After a certain shooting spree through the action, the Shooting Takedown option becomes apparent, and Bourne fluidly snaps into a wild rush in a cinematic takedown much like Stranglehold became perceptible for. The Achillean shooting method so commonly know in such 3rd party games works, but quite frankly it’s drowned out for someone of Jason’s caliber. Jason can shoot quickly and accurately when he wants, and nothing is ever like a slow paced corridor shooter. As you’re trotting along, Bourne Instinct helps to point out important places to initiate with and run to most of the time. It’s great to have this guide when you’re on a mad rush trying to shoot 50 bad guys, but it can be much more improved if they stuck to the story and the central book allowing players to be in huge environments and navigating around them, even if development is really slow in the process. Creating a much more dynamic style of shooting and movement contrived of Bourne’s abilities as unique in their own respect could have potentially skyrocketed this game to be much more believable in conspiracy tempo.

Hand to Hand combat is something anyone, especially a Bourne fan will find amazing. While Bourne is in one of his many daring escapes, he can perform light or heavy punches to light and heavy kicks on his foes. Thanks to the engine which makes seamless integration possible, Bourne can be shooting one minute, and then kicking ass with his fists the next exactly portraying the best of the films qualities. To drink it down, he can also string a series of moves to unleash unique combos capable of taking down opponents in the blink of an eye. As you build adrenaline through attacks, Bourne can perform a takedown which is really hoveled and fast paced for all the right reasons. Remember the 3rd film when Bourne just fights a guy in a small room inside a broken toilet? The whole game really packs on that feel through hand to hand combat, even allowing for sprinting takedowns and interacting with the environment for some decent integration. While the hand-to-hand combat is great, there’s always those button mashing quick action sequences that take place. All fine and great, but in the end a borrowed concept that has gone stale. Hand-to-hand combat will ignite some sparks in any player and punch some attention where it’s needed most in this fact paced game.

Bourne drives like a maniac, and so can you in this game or feel a bit like a maniac. While the driving action is appreciated, it’s not what anyone can expect. It’s fast, but not Bourne fast. Rimshotting a sharp turn in a little Beemer straight into an empty shop with no items in it whatsoever is a bit less than believable. Car sequences play well overall to get the action in there, but the whole driving feels pressed on and unoriginal. Lucky thing they’re short.

The Bourne Conspiracy Combat

Robert Ludlum’s: The Bourne Conspiracy isn’t all bad. But in the words of Moby to some extent, it in fact did fall apart in some key places. Somewhere along the dangerous lines, it’s much greater to invest in more practical and realistic details with extreme accuracy than try to aim for realism with OK accuracy in terms of details and story than to fall slave to the market sales and end up with a T-rated game that doesn’t exactly entice anyone who gets their hands on it. Though the hand-to-hand combat is tasty from the elements, the whole plate of elements together create a bland dish in general. For any Bourne fan, the game is great regardless and really gives you a level of interactivity the films never can.

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  1. Buying this regardless. I love Bourne!

  2. Is this coming for PC’s?

  3. Very well worded and fine quality review. I’m renting it soon.

  4. Will buy it anyways. Don’t worry I dont expect Damon ahahah

  5. I loved the demo. I will be buying it for sure

  6. Cool review thanks

  7. I love your reviews, always spot on. Thanks ganna buy it still!

    venkatezh replied on June 5th, 2008 5:31 PM:

    Same here. Such beautifully crafted reviews and organized damn right

  8. Yeah never understood why he doesn’t look like Damon. Everyone thinks Damon when they think Bourne. And the dude in the book had black eyes. Not blue. Kind of weird. Renting this

  9. Will be buying it regardless thanks

  10. Here India we love Bourne film for action I get thus game soon thank you for amazing reviews on games and hardware as others said.


  11. I wholly agree to this review and everything in it. They need to stop using that shooting system but I love the integration of seamless combat

  12. Will be buying this! Matt Damon’s a hunk too bad the guy in the game looks nothing like him : (

  13. BOURNE I absolutely love this game despite all the flaws. Have it, play it, will keep playing it. Total Bourne fan here

  14. Great review

  15. Love this review, going to buy the game now.

  16. Beautiful graphics

  17. Bought it today and LOVING it

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