Brother’s In Arms: Get Off Of Me Highway

After long anticipation from E3, Brothers in Arms 3 or Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway has finally emerged. Is this title worth the foray into the WW2 scenario? Almost. The screen lights up during the war qualities with flanking techniques but for all the destructible environments, new cover mechanics and advanced AI, Hell’s Highway only goes so far.

Baker, the main dude with his war hat, will be temporarily forced to go on the terrain alone and it’s here where the stale shooting engine is highlighted. Even worse, for every progression, there’s seemingly a regression. There’s a cool bazooka crew with the ability to diminish sniper nests or make short work of any Nazis behind cover. Baker’s tank detachment not only been retired, but has been reduced to awful, painfully basic stand-alone shoot-’em-up missions. It’s a sad design decision.

Similarly, the choice to intensify the gore compared to Soldier of Fortune-rivaling levels is kind of a mystery. While we’ll admit to a sly chortle as an unfortunate Nazi is torn in two with intestines burstin out, the entire game sits massively uncomfortably with the otherwise decent story of humanity and friendship during WW2. Hell’s Highway still offers something unique in choices of first-person shooters, and fans of the series will love it. As for us, we thought it was OK.

If: I like good emotional games..

…a solid story

…an interesting cast of characters


If: I hate dumb AI…

I REALLY hate dumb AI…

Can’t stand mediocre games…


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