Call of Duty 5 Review: Action and Wings

Call of Duty: World at War Review

Swoosh! Boom! Run for your lives! Developer Treyarch and publisher Activision have out done themselves sticking to the same game engine as Call of Duty 4 and come out top. Taking the fight back to World War II, this action packed game is everything a Call of Duty fan or just a fan of any war-game genre wants: pure action for a good price.

You are first put through a mind and eye grabbing intro video which will have your undivided attention as you watch and admire the way it has been done and some of the parts been animated. It’s unlike any other of the Call of Duty game intros that have been done in the past with its mix of real like and in game footage which shows the full harshness of World War II and the battles that were fought.

The control layout has been kept the same as Call of Duty 4 which is a good thing due to people being so used to them after playing Call of Duty 4 for hours and hours upon end. The visuals have been perfected and are running seamlessly in full beautiful HD, with every care to make sure that every detail is accounted for with details even down to the pores of your players skin and the fibres in his cloths, nothing has been left out which adds that special edge to the game and helps immerse you in to the games somewhat deeper than normal war games would, even the painstaking detail of the marks on the helmets that have been added.

Call of Duty: World at War Review
It has a more mature approach with the graphics as well, especially when they walk over a mine which will end up in the messy results of blowing their legs off or getting hit by a shell which will take your arms and legs.

Accompanying the stunning visuals and near perfection graphics are the cinematic and mood grabbing style sound effects and the music. When you’re walking through a dark jungle its complimented nicely by a tense but atmosphere setting audio, or when in a heavy battle with the shots whizzing past you and the shells whistling before impacting in to the ground a few feet from you the sounds are really a big part that make this game what it is. The true sounds of pain and war torn minds come alive as the soldiers will let you know  with swearing as they take out the enemy or in screams of pain as they get their limbs blown off by grenades or as they are being burnt alive.

World at War also includes the online play like in Call of Duty 4. The match types are the same with the likes of rankings and the use of perks in all match types with the extra work effort of the top level being cranked up to sixty five now instead of the old top of fifty five. There are six modes to choose from including the favourite modes death match and search and destroy and also includes a new mode capture the flag. The added bonus is the co-op play either through the single player levels with help of people online or you could play against someone in the single player levels online to see who could rake up the highest score in that level which will unlock achievements and trophies on your consoles home screen and those that are also unlockable.

Call of Duty: World at War Review
To some this game up in a few words, it would be griping and intense. Well worth the purchase for any hardcore Call of Duty fan, this game is enough to make anyone who likes action happy. Apart from this game being harder than the previous titles in single player, it’s worth the look if you like war games or even if you just like the scenery.

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