Capcom Being Sneaky With Xbox 360

Be Very Very QuietCapcom has been sneaking around and working on a mysterious title for the Xbox 360. Today, Bay Area gamers were thrown an invite to experience a new game from the publisher. Photo’s reveal the testing–but unfortunately there are black boxes hazing the monitor. What a crapshoot! Even though no one can see what the title is, if you have a keen eye–you can see that there are Xbox 360 development units across from HDTV’s and a 360 pad on someones lap. We are sure they didn’t bring one for the hell of it. All in all, the signs point to a Xbox 360 game, whatever it is. Rumors abuzz are hoping for Lost Planet Colonies, a rumored title/strategy game as a potential sequel to the original debuted back as an exclusive for the console and Games for Windows Live. Our guess? Dead Rising 2. We can hear the crickets to our guess, so we will leave the predictions up to you. But hey! What if it is Dead Rising 2? Guess we better cover our roofs for when the pigs fly.

Capcom working on a “top secret” title

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