The Wrestler Review

Darren Aronofsky went back to the drawing board on “The Wrestler,” a film that swims in nuance, spearheaded by a performance of grace and subtle charisma.

TIFF 08′ Limited Screening: Sauna Review

Intellectual horror films are by and large a rare and splendid thing, simply because they are never spotted in nature. Like the legendary Bigfoot, they roam wild through the forests, scaring the locals, but anyone who brings tale of them is dismissed as being a lunatic.

JCVD Review: Je Perde, Tu Ganges

Belgian action star Jean-Claude Van Damme just wow-ed me out that screening in Santa Monica, CA. The Muscles From Brussels specializes in playing bulked-up butt kickers in whomp-and-release flicks happily derided the world over. But the clever, stylish perception-teaser of a comic drama JCVD: a reality-twist which showcases a Van Damme who’s sly like a fox about his own image. Here’s a...[Read More]

Body of Lies: A Facade In The End – So So

The plot sounds kind of silly on paper, but for a large portion of the film, it doesn’t feel that way. Director Ridley Scott is a talented guy, and the facade he provides Body of Lies is almost convincing enough to cover up the fact that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. His locations are immensely convincing and realistic; the attention to detail is quite impressive. The dialogue also goes ...[Read More]

The Duchess Review: Awkward But Great

Teenaged Georgiana Spencer (Keira Knightley) has intercourse for the first time with her new husband, the much older Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes). Imagine this scene for a moment if you can. Ordered to strip naked and lie on the bed, Georgiana trembles with positive terror as her husband enters her with all the wordless efficiency of a man fulfilling a prescribed brief; Knightley’s exquisite...[Read More]

Wall-E Review: A Delightful Destiny

There are a lot of reasons to like WALL-E. It’s a beautiful film, and one that highlights Pixar’s rare ability to make a film with almost universal appeal. The production team remembers that “family film” doesn’t mean the same thing as “kid’s movie,” and creates something parents will enjoy rather than simply tolerate. Pixar is also uncompromising with the overall vision for the film, making a num...[Read More]

The Dark Knight Review: W-O-W.

(Advanced Screening for Media) Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” isn’t merely a study in the psychology of a nearly 70-year-old character tailored to the familiar; instead audiences will be met with an accessible tale of deep and painful truths, a unique vision of hope in the face of seemingly aimless villainy, a new staple alongside the greatest of tragedies — in any medium.

Wanted Review: Suspense and Freeze

If you are averse to brutal violence, gun play, and cruelty to animals, Wanted isn’t your bag. For everyone else, strap yourselves in for a ride.

Then She Found Me Review: Who Wouldn’t Find Her?

Hunt herself plays Epner, a 39-year-old woman working as an Elementary school teacher in N.Y.C. She has wanted a baby all her life, and now she is going through a mid-life crisis of sorts regarding her biological clock. To add to her complications, her husband Ben (Matthew Broderick, The Producers) is about to tell her their marriage is over. The next day, he inexplicably leaves with no goodbye…an...[Read More]

Son of Rambow Review: Imagination Fun

Son of Rambow is endearing. A joyous affair that practically drowns audiences with seemingly inexhaustible amounts of charm and whimsy, it is an all-singing, all-dancing explosion of nostalgia, and the perfect film to usher in the summer.

Jarhead Review: Hoo-rah

In one of the many startling and morally jagged moments that propel Jarhead, a Marine squad readies for combat by watching the ”Ride of the Valkyries” attack sequence from Apocalypse Now. As the choppers lay waste to a Vietnamese village, the Marines erupt in cheers, imitating the soldiers on screen — the tapping of a rifle magazine on a helmet. These Marines were hungry to kill, to &#...[Read More]

John Q. Review: Bad Film, Worse HMO

John Q. Archibald (Denzel Washington), a financially strapped factory worker, finds himself in deep trouble when his son will die unless he receives a heart transplant. Surgeons aren’t known for their bedside manner, but to say that Woods fails to show sympathy would be an understatement. He looks, and sounds, about as compassionate as a man ordering a lap dance. Informed that his company in...[Read More]

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