Hideo Kojima Azumi-ing

Hideo Kojima makes a cameo in the film adaptation of ‘Azumi’ in Japan. Kojima plays the role of a bandit, and even though this is a bit old, it is news to those who do not have sharper eyes. Editor’s Update: The video we referred to was removed.

Gamestop To You: Beat Your Kid With A Frying Pan

Gamestop employees tend to say the craziest things from time to time. “Don’t buy the PS3 it is junk,” “The Xbug3fixme is crap. waste of money.” But this one takes the cake. In a prankcall to Gamestop by a seemingly carefree parent with a strong accent, the employee recommends that the guy beat hid kid with a frying pan when confronted with a situation. Editor’s ...[Read More]

Clinton VS Obama Smackdown Style

A lot of people think that the presidency is all about if we should have a black president or a woman president. We say: it is all about who can kick who’s ass physically.

Metal Gear Saga Vol 2. DVD NOW

Now is the time for everyone who has not already bought a DVD to buy one. If you’re fresh out of luck and money, do not be left out. We have the video courtesy of GR here.

Bewbs, Zombies and Violence

You had me at boobs. Turns out OneeChanbara, a Japanese game where you’re a kick@$$, scantily-dressed chick who kills zombies, is being turned into a movie. If the girls are sexy enough and the violence extremely gratuitous, I think this movie could be pretty good. Videos after the jump.

Nintendo Facts You May Not Know

Here are a few things you may not know about the company that has always been booming in the gaming industry. Wow, I never knew someone would actually make this.

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