Intel Developer Forum 2008: Pat Gelsinger On Core i7

I’m currently here in San Francisco attending the Intel Developer forum for all you PC enthusiasts out there. We got a chance to speak about the Core i7 with Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group. In response to the i7 and Intel’s latest upkeeps, Gelsinger stated: Our engineers have put together an incredible processing famil...[Read More]

Intel Core 2 Quad: Grasping Bounds Q8000

Intel has announced that they will be soon releasing the Q8000 series for all the Core 2 fans out there. Technically successor to the Q9550, the 8-series line of processors will unveil great speed, with a 1333MHz FSB capability for connection between PCI-AGP-CPU-and memory (NB to CPU) and also extremely great connection to Southbridge. The Quad 8000 will go head on towards AMD’s triple-core ...[Read More]

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