Intel Developer Forum 2008: Pat Gelsinger On Core i7

I’m currently here in San Francisco attending the Intel Developer forum for all you PC enthusiasts out there. We got a chance to speak about the Core i7 with Pat Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group. In response to the i7 and Intel’s latest upkeeps, Gelsinger stated: Our engineers have put together an incredible processing famil...[Read More]

Battery Low? Try ATI PowerXpress

Don’t you just hate it when your laptop is about to crap out because you’re using a high mobility graphics solution just for a simple site? Realizing this 2 hours in, you have to reboot to change to the other less powerful solution for more life. But, not anymore. As a brother ATI Hybrid Graphics Technology for notebook computers, ATI PowerXpress lets notebook users automatically switc...[Read More]

ATI XGP Coming To It

AMD announces ATI XGP (Fancy for External Graphics Platform) Technology, a new external PCI Express (PCIe) 2.0 graphics platform, designed to take a crack at giving Notebook users more graphical power that Desktop users have. ATI XGP is an exclusive technology that capitalizes on PCIe 2.0 to deliver enthusiast-class graphics via a connected cable to an externally powered and cooled device. It is c...[Read More]

Computex 08′: AMD HD Visual Performance Notebooks Hit Soon

Next generation platforms are hard to come by. In Taiwan for Computex, AMD announced the stunning introduction of a new next-gen platform. It platform features new AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processors with ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series Graphics (Mobile tech) for 3D performance and HD image quality, with wireless integration for greater throughput and range. New notebook designs will come fr...[Read More]

AMD GAME! Right Now…

AMD announces AMD GAME. Specifically designed to help consumers select perfectly suited PCs for high-definition gaming, AMD GAME! PCs combine a balance of multi-core processors, HD digital media, and next-generation graphics processing power to exceed current console performance. Nice job, AMD. Now all we need to do is get those developers focused on better programming resolve.

External Ready

ATI has been able to create an external GPU. The card, codenamed Lasso, should be introduced to the public at Computex. The press release states that the new tech, while incredibly innovative, won’t be compatible with existing laptops. In fact, the external GPU requires a new high-speed connector to function properly. This pops up the question; will the new USB be challenged? In any case, the pros...[Read More]

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