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Batman: Arkham Knight Game Ready & Windows 10 Drivers Show Impressive Display

Nvidia has just released Game Ready drivers for the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight title on the PC. But not just that folks – they did it for Windows 10 (with over a month left to launch on retail). Talk about super preparedness. The folks over at NVIDIA do not mess around with games of any sort, regardless of whether they support NVIDIA-exclusive technologies.  Very impressive! St...[Read More]

ATI Radeon 4800 Series Detailed

So, on with it. What’s the latest ATI Radeon 4800 series all about? What is the texel stream rate and all of that? WhatIfGaming is here to go over the ATI Radeon 4800 Series in depth. The ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series of GPUs in short brings the power of supercomputing to gamers, setting a new standard for visual computing and redefining the way gamers play and take HD gaming to a whole new leve...[Read More]

AMD Cinema 2.0 Revealed: The Micro Way

Everyone wants a good flight so they can remember a great experience later on. Airports have that smell to them. It is known, but we abnegate from our area of stance anyways and let our nose be the guide. Flight 1171 from LAX to SFO. Close, just have to wait in the long line. That’s when you aggregate all the flights into one spot: “Stand there,” or “wait there is” as...[Read More]

AMD To Redefine Line Between CG and Real Time Graphics

A few months ago, AMD held a very short closed door sneak peak conference to show a teaser of their upcoming aims for the future, clenching the very satchel to break free from technological limits in graphics hoping to fulfill their goals. Soon, WhatIfGaming will have all the details regarding AMD’s announced upcoming breakthrough to the fast paced mouth drools of the technology sector. We w...[Read More]

AMD Delays Radeon 4800: People CRY

Wahh wahh. We got word that the Radeon 4800 series line launch was going to be delayed, and decided to check in with some people ourselves. Computex correspondents Brett Rackner for WhatIfGaming poses the following question to AMD PR after the AMD press briefing earlier today. It is really a matter of where we want to be. We want to launch when the time is right, and that’s all we can say ab...[Read More]

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