Digital Cameras

Sandisk Imagemate All-in-One Reader/Writer Review

We take pictures everyday on our solid state drives, but where would we all be without the power of our handy card readers to get the job done for image processing? Nowhere. But luckily, there is the Sandisk Imagemate All-in-One Reader/Writer at your convenient reception that is nothing short of a must-buy.  With support for an indelible amount of memory cards and software capabilities and applica...[Read More]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 Review: A Ticket

Panasonic has added a new model ‘super zoom’ Lumix cameras army through the FZ18. Based slightly on the FZ8, the FZ18 is a new thing with more zoom and flare for photographic lovers of all kinds. The optically stabilized lens has increased at both ends and now supports 18x (28-504mm equiv.) zoom, putting the FZ18 into competition with Olympus’ SP-550UZ. The FZ18 squeezes more pix...[Read More]

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