Kingston HyperX Performance DDR3-1866MHz 6 GB Triple-Channel Kit

Memory modules are quite often complicated, like the memory slots and integrated circuits they are placed into. Incontestably, most people underestimate the memory field and  boil it down to simple tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS timings, and plain speed and capability in terms of capacity. Kingston Technology introduces the HyperX memory DIMM’s, a series of modules that benefit from not only timings and...[Read More]

Crucial DDR3 PC3-8500 4GB Kit Review: Exceeding Limits

Crucial is known for their line of Ballistix enthusiast memory in which hard work is put for lower latencies, maximum performance, and great reliability. The Crucial 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500 (CT2KIT25672BA1067) is not an exception. This kit, even without the signature of golden shaded aluminum heat spreaders, performs equally admirably, and should be in the direct eye fire of hardware, performance, and g...[Read More]

Corsair XMS2DHX Slams Competiton

Corsair, along with Micron, is one other manufacturer in the US who actually produces their own PCB, memory chips, and assembles the two into a module. Corsair is known for producing high quality modules that are stable, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Intel, along with Kingston and Asus held a webcast  to better explain a new concept called XMP, which simply stands for Extreme Memory Profiles.  The technology is designed to give the new and amateur overclocker the confidence that is needed to properly overclock his computer with compatible hardware that will guarantee a certain level of overclocking with DDR3 modules that are XMP compatible.  I...[Read More]

Crucial Ballistix 2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Review: Speeds The Toke

It is been two months since Crucial launched their first Crucial Ballistix DDR3 memory modules and while they were months behind other DDR3 manufacturers their 1600MHz kit has been a success. Since Micron and Crucial are one and the same it shouldn’t be a surprise that Crucial memory kits are able to perform above average. The kit is part of the Ballistix line, which is a higher performance ...[Read More]

Kingston 4GB DataTraveler Review: Where Is It?!

Kingston Technology just recently increased the capacity of its DataTraveler Mini Fun and DataTraveler Mini – Migo Edition USB flash drives. Previously, these flash drives were only available in 1GB and 2GB, the drives will now come in capacities up to 4GB. This little device now also features Sudoku as well as the previously included Atlantis from Big Fish Games. The drives measure 38mm x 19mm x ...[Read More]

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