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eVGA GeForce 7600 GS: Grope It For A While

Anyone that has contemplated purchasing an NVIDIA video card in the last 5 years has likely considered an EVGA card. They’re always on warranty, concerned and are on mostly every forum even if it is slightly hardware related. Looking at our card we see that the PCB is a standard green with a nice looking black heatsink. The EVGA logo is prominently displayed along with the type of card it is...[Read More]

Nokia N95 Review: Classy

The Nokia N95 is quite possibly thee most robust and well-deserved phone we have ever come across in our reviews of cell phones. The N95 contains an integrated GPS receiver which is located below the 0 key on the keypad and comes with Nokia Maps, a free software that is designed for over the air data packet network use. The voice quality in the N95 is simply superb, and the web features and QWERTY...[Read More]

Silencer 750 Review: Here It Is!

PC Power & Cooling has been around for quite some time. During that time they have developed a reputation of being a very high quality power supply company. With that high quality usually comes at a high price, and PC Power & Cooling has always been on the higher side of cost. Is it worth it? That is for you to decide, but read this review before you make your decision! Let’s look at...[Read More]

Thermal Typhoon VX Review

Here it is. And time to get right to it. Installing the new Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX heat sink is just like installing the retail box fan as it uses the same retention mechanisms. This caused roughly 8-10mm of the processor not to be covered by the heat sink. The Big Typhoon VX does not have the same issues as Thermaltake included little tabs on the heat sink base and the mounting bracket to mak...[Read More]

XFX GeForce 7950 GT: Here We Go

G71 core the 7950 GT is here. Though the name is similar do not confuse it with the 7950GX2. The 7950 GT is a single GPU video card with the same G71 core as the 7900 GT and 7900 GTX. 7900 GT to 7950 is a big change for the 7950 GT and a move to 512MB of memory. At $299 the 7950 GT is big news as it brings a new low price to high-end video cards sporting 512MB of memory. It is also the opposite of...[Read More]

Sony Ericsson W810i Review: Solidly Percepted

Sony is the largest entertainment industry leader in the world, and has been the only leader in the cell phone market without a true carrier for a long while. But does that stop them from producing quality products in comparison to more sleek styles? Nope.

Zerodba Review: Where Are You?

Today’s computer components are demanding more and more power in order to run at their full potential. Video cards and processors have advanced so fast in the last two years that their power requirements have barely been met by power supply manufacturers. This is still an issue today with SLi and Crossfire now in the mainstream. Consumers have to make a very tough decision when choosing whic...[Read More]

Corsair HX620 Review: Be The One

Start this review off nice and easy with some specs this time around. Specifications: Support latest ATX12V v2.2 and EPS12V 2.91 standards and is backwards compatible with ATX12 2,01 systems Guaranteed to deliver rated specifications at 50?C Active Power Factor Correction with PF value=0.99 provides clean and reliable power to your system. 8 Serial ATA connectors (4 on 520W) 105?C rated industrial...[Read More]

Corsair Nautilus 500: Mainstream Armament

Finding cooling is hard. Even for Corsair. The guys over at Corsair Memory have been trying to bring high end water cooling technology down to the mainstream price point and Andy Paul, the CEO of Corsair firmly believes that the Corsair Nautilus 500 is the kit that will do just that. Launching with the MSRP of $159 this kit is aimed at the mainstream consumer. Once you open the box one finds every...[Read More]

Koolance Exos-2 Review: Brittle Bones

The Koolance Exos-2 came out the fire. For people using smaller cases, external water cooling allows them the benefit of improved cooling without taking up case space.The Exos-2 is harsh with about retail for over $300, it is a high end kit for the enthusiast. Featuring the ability to dissipate 700W of heat(that right 700W!), the Exos-2 at first glance should be the cooling system of choice for pe...[Read More]

Antec VCool Very

Heat buildup sucks in a computer system and something that can lead to system instability and hinder ones overclocking experiences. With the GPU on a video card often running hotter than many Intel Prescott processors it is easy to see why one leading heat producing components in a computer is the video card. Today we have an Antec VCool. Lets see how it varies if at all.

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