Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview – The Home Road

Silent Hill 5: Homecoming Preview

Ever since Silent Hill 4: The Room, Konami Digital Entertainment has been looking for a way to make the Silent Hill experience grittier, in a world of breadth and lascivious terror. With the announcement of Silent Hill: Homecoming, Konami shows that they have not only the production quality to make something very gritty, but the sheer amount of variety in an all open world where the norm is horror around the corner. Alex Shefield is the unfortunate caught in the dreary microcosm of Silent Hill after his brother goes suddenly missing. Throughout the world, Shefield will not only fight the existence that is the residents of Silent Hill, but will try and fight the bounds of reality itself through investigation and discovery.


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WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Silent Hill 5: Ex-lusive Interview.

Ex–lusive… Get it ? Elusive Silent Hill…Ex-lusive… nevermind. Just watch the interview and keep here. We have a ton of great stuff coming up!

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WhatIfGaming E3 ’08 Exclusive Preview: Playing With Alex Evans and LittleBigPlanet Multiplayer

LittleBigPlanet is ridiculous. It is ridiculously entertaining. You will laugh at it. This laugh, however, is a great laugh that that comes from the additively fun anti-drug administered by Media Molecule, the talent behind Rag Doll Kung Fu. LittleBigPlanet jumps in sackboys to start off that you can begin to customize and make yourself a part of the game in any way. There are obstacles to overcome, challenges to face, and barriers to cross all of which requires a combination of the motion wheel of team work and competition . As players advance in the game, their creative skills will grow and so will their loyalty to such an amazing title. LittleBigPlanet is not as little as the title will have you believe and therein itself is the true reality that this video game is something bigger than this planet alone. Something we really can’t understand fully.


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WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Killzone 2 Video Preview

The excitement that is Killzone 2. Just breathe in the damp air of the war field.

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WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Killzone 2 Preview: Insuperable

Killzone 2: Helghast Night

Killzone 2 is capable of making anyone athirst for it is raw gameplay power and brilliance. Set after the events of the first iteration, Killzone 2 follows the story of an ISA Alpha squad leader named Sev through the lurid soils of the battlefield. This time, the war is taken to the planets that the Helghast take as shelter and call home, bringing about a deluge of vengeful retribution and convivial glory to camaraderie in unity. Killzone 2 plays seamlessly in our preview, and does a great job at it.


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WhatIfGaming E3 ’08: Killzone 2 Multiplayer Details

Killzone 2 is simply amazing. The single player embroils players in the shoes of ISA’s badass Sev. The graphics are detailed, the environment is immersive, and the textures are speckless as of late. So, we are all certain and aware by now that ever since the graphical set mark of the E3 05′ trailer, Killzone 2 has come pretty close. Well, close enough to have them compared for eyes side by side.

But where does the multiplayer fit in? According to SCEA, the multiplayer will have the following modes: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Objective-Based, and a couple of other typical shooter modes. Naturally, this rings to the immutable question of whether or not the game will follow with the evolution of multiplayer experiences. Killzone 2 will have an online co-operative experience via downloadable content. It seems that the question of whether it will be integrated in the retail version of the game itself, confirmed for a release date of March 2009, is sort-of pending. The game is close to completion, and there is still no online co-op even being developed if SCEA has anything to do about it.

But fear not, it is looking extremely probable within months of March 2009 for this beautiful recreant show off title.

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Numen-ature Preview and Screens

Numen Preview

Numen, developed by Akella, is a divenly creation for the Elucidians of Greek Mythology. The primary denouement of the game comes in the shape of a contest waged by immortals that ranges centuries of feud. Resting on Mount Olympus, the gods have each decided to take a novice in the field under their aegis and guide them tto a trinkling and bright glory. With the strongest of these heroes will come the strongest immortal who will then be crowned the most powerful above all. reigning with a firm hand over a supreme land.

The thing that makes Numen so different from most 3rd person RPG’s on a PC is that it is satiable to the story lovers out there. The stories are incredibly in-depth, and though the gameplay is familiar, the developers manage to make a great blend for the world the game takes place it. See the screens below for some goodies.

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Disciples III Renaissance: Preview The Stars

Disciples III Renaissance:Legions of the Damned

Nevendaar is land that betides the players into a story where the world of Disciples comes to life. Succesor to the first great RPG/TBS adventures, Disciples III Renaissance is the demurrage of a host of new features along with greater gameplay that made the previous titles such hits. As a Lord of Nevendaar, the player embroils on a conquest that returns power to its form. Building upon a host of new features, there are three playable races to choose from: the Empire, the Elven Alliance and the Legion of the Damned. Shivers and spines all the way down. How do they all fare? Check out the jump.


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Fallout 3 E3 Goods

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Lost Planet Colonies: Another Hole In My Wallet

As January 12th, 2007 dawned on us, we were introduced to the quite forgetful character that is Wayne Holden, a man with a past that remained well–not remembered. As the story centralizes on the amnesiac state of Holden, the player is immersed in a gripping story of the past and future of the planet E.D.N. III. Now, nearly a year later, we are introduced to Capcom’s latest iteration: Lost Colonies. Very much like it is predecessor, a 360/PC only title (at least until February 26th, 2008).


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Haze Can Never Be Any Clearer

All we have known about the storyline for the futuristic first-person shooter Haze has been that it follows three days in the life of Shane. A soldier working for mega corporation, Mantel Global Industries, in the year 2048. By that time in the future, most governments have apparently outsourced their armies to private corporations. With Mantel sending Shane deep into South America to deal with a rebel group calling itself the Promised Hand. But, apparently, there is much more to be known after the jump!


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