WhatIfGaming: Best Of 2011 – Game Of The Year Awards

The highway of our heart never ceases to the speed limit. Constantly becoming variable throughout the year, the speed of the thrills in newer titles and greater sequels have kept us seeing the wonders of a road that seems to be endless. Once again the highway creates memories which leaves us alone at the passenger seat of life looking out at the night sky of remembrance. Some of us have conquered ...[Read More]

A Beautiful Pre-E3 2011 – Conference Splendor

We have been receiving e-mails in the hundreds of thousands. Yes, we are at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011, as we are every year, along with part of the staff doing coverage for our other network-owned publications. No we are not part of the GC panel this year. Yes, we have tons of crazy exclusives and interviews, but considering our entire staff is at E3 this year, there is no one in the ...[Read More]

A LittleBigPlanet 2 Unforgettable Dead Rising 2 Giveaway

A LittleBigPlanet 2 Unforgettable Dead Rising 2 Giveaway

WhatIfGaming: Best Of 2010 – Game Of The Year Awards

Afresh another year has passed the highways of our hearts, and left us alone once more at the passenger seat of life looking out to the road of video games throughout the year in the night sky. We have suffered the medal of ordinary titles, an award received when a man, woman, or child has played more than one terrible title throughout this tough year of video game concepts and design. Alas, in th...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition Review – Keeping Memories Alive

War like this can be just as exciting as the other two times. Call of Duty: Black Ops heralds another energetically convincing warfare title by developers Treyarch to hardcore gaming enthusiasts worldwide. The storyline introduces us to characters that are unforgettable in the emblem of Call of Duty, and the sounds with the incredibly stunning visuals make Call of Duty: Black Ops one of the most r...[Read More]

DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle Review – Put The Mic Down

DJ Hero 2 brings the vividness and excitement that DJ Hero brought to DJ enthusiasts everywhere around the world. DJ Hero 2’s primary structure is found on a level of solidity and all-encompassing amount of fun through the online gameplay, and moreover the feel of Party Play with two turntables. Sadly, the microphone and the lack of a decent single-player campaign that truly make people feel like ...[Read More]

Madden NFL 2011 Review: Never Take Football For Granted

Madden NFL 2011 bursts into the fields with an ultimate power that is insurmountable in terms of improvements in graphics, gameplay, announcer dialogue, incredible animations and most of all action and emotion. Madden NFL 2011 aims for what you see on Sunday, you see in Madden approach, and it is an approach that proves worthy to the confines of the gameplay and the action of the field calling pla...[Read More]

WhatIfGaming’s Overall Best of E3 Awards 2010

E3 2010 was a spectacle, due to the opening of admissions to smaller retailers and media publications – with numbers nearing the similar peak. We were there to get every exciting moment: from Dead Rising 2, to KINECT and everything in between the PlayStation Move inundation. E3 2010 was marked through displays of motion and 3D, similar to our coverage of the 3DGS Convention. As always, it wa...[Read More]

Split Second: Velocity Review – The Speed Is The Charm

As racing games go, they all  follow the same basic concept of  drive fast and win. Very few actually differ in levels of realism and skill they strive to achieve with a passion.  Luckily, Split Second takes the task of start to finish and makes it revitalizing, new, and an overall decent title to play that provides a sense of experience and realism. Split Second pushes for an added new dimension ...[Read More]

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review – Time Can Be A Cruel Mistress

The Prince will never be in the forgotten realms of every gamer that has encountered him. The Prince returns in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and this time the mood is entirely different from Prince of Persia 4, the storybook equivalent that focused more on the inveterate storybook version as the original and truly defined a new height for the series with humor, and action combined into on...[Read More]

WhatIfGaming: Best of 2009 – Game Of The Year Awards

It is with proud pleasure that we ask all of you to join us to celebrate the anniversary of WhatIfGaming and read all about the video game industry’s most exceptional and gratified 2009 titles specially chosen by us here again this year. Similar to the previous year, WhatIfGaming is first to give out Game of the Year Awards this year. We just rolled out the red carpet and the winners for 200...[Read More]

DJ Hero Review: Spin The Turntable

Musicians can finally be made through the effort of a deck, and the harmony of music combined with game mechanics through plastic peripherals to create the experience of music professionals. Rock Band and Guitar Hero brought the feeling of playing a guitar and feeling like a Guitar ‘Hero’ to many amateurs and professionals across the continents. DJ Hero allows players to feel like DJ’s without the...[Read More]

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