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Dead Space 3 Review: The Remnants Of Isaac Clarke

Dead Space 3 reintroduces Isaac Clarke, who happens to quite possibly be one of the unluckiest engineers in space history. Visceral Games’ Dead Space 3 brings the survival horror genre to a more action-thriller spin with the introduction of a second character who is welcomed, thereby breaking away from the palpable fear of isolation in the first two series. While Dead Space 3 retains quite a lot o...[Read More]

WhatIfGaming: Best of 2012 – Game Of The Year Awards

Another year and more titles passed us by along with the days of 2012. It was filled with sadness, happiness, and times to remember that have marked many more good days to come for many of us. For gamers worldwide, it was a year in which not many games were released, but a few notable titles were profoundly worthy of mention. It is with pleasure that we provide the millions of anticipated readers ...[Read More]

Halo 4 Collector’s Edition Review: The King Reclaims The Throne

Halo 4 brings the legend back to the big screen. Master Chief has returned with a passion and 343 Industries’ Halo 4 is undeniably an action-infused adventure that resplendently creates a level of gaming prowess that is incredible. The seamless visuals and the nostalgic qualities of Halo 4 make it one of the best Halo’s to be created not just as a AAA title, but also a creation by a studio that ha...[Read More]

Far Cry 3 Review: Tropical Paradise

For sequels to be accepted and loved they need to do two things. Firstly, they need to keep the features that made the original game so popular and most importantly they have to fix all the problems that were flagged previously. Far Cry 3 ticks both these boxes with aplomb and it is refreshing to see just how much effort has been put into this game to respond to the feedback from the consumer. Not...[Read More]

Assassin’s Creed III Review: Freedom To The Colonies

Assassin’s Creed III heralds the American Revolution into a whole new paradigm of great action adventure of historical importance and moreover decoration. Assassin’s Creed III brings a new engine with the same level of excitement from the established franchise formula of parkour, gut-slashing camera angles, a solid economic system, and lastly open-world exploration that is invigoratingly fresh and...[Read More]

Resident Evil 6: One Of The Worst Resident Evil Game In History – And We Thought Raccoon City Was Bad

Resident Evil 6 is truly a disgrace to the zombie name. Here we thought that Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was bad, hoping to really give fans delight in the name of Resident Evil 6’s contrast. Sadly, Resident Evil 6 is the epitome of a nightmare for fans, and casual gamers alike looking for thrills and a good time – none of which is found in the latest iteration in the Resident Evil serie...[Read More]

Dishonored Review: Stealthy Action That Comes Close To Being Greatly Noticed

For any new IP to be accepted by the masses as a truly unique step forward, certain criteria need to be checked off the imaginary list that critics and consumers alike have in their minds. While Dishonored can be immediately identified as a Bethesda Softworks title by the way it plays, it has a unique feel as well which is no doubt the work of Arkane Studios showing through.

Borderlands 2 Review: Slightly Better, But Similar Mediocrity

Borderlands 2 carries through the gameplay of the first Borderlands, which received a review from us that stated that action-RPG text-based title as something which had more elements of mediocrity than anything else in terms of a game that was hyped and more. While Borderlands 2 tries to salvage the missing pieces of the first title, most of the formula remains the same which garnered role-playing...[Read More]

Sleeping Dogs Review: Old Dogs Never Sleep Against The Hong Kong Sun

Sleeping Dogs is the Hong Kong action journey most lovers of John Woo and Kung-Fu have been waiting for. The thrill of the chase, the melody of the karaoke, and the depth of the storyline keeps a title with solid game mechanics one that is fun and surprising at every turn. Sleeping Dogs is United Front Games’ portrayal of the original True Crime: Hong Kong title which has been revamped with a 20+ ...[Read More]

Darksiders II Review: The Failure of Death Himself

Darksiders II is a tragedy. Vigil Games tried to create a fantasy follow up to the original 2010 journey, but sadly created an action adventure in the vein of grandfathered concepts such as God of War with lukewarm elements of Prince of Persia. While the game itself has a sizable open-world roaming map that is twice the size of Darksiders and a lengthy action adventure campaign, there is very litt...[Read More]

Max Payne 3 Review: Millenia

Guns, incessant parties, and booze-drinking losers with lots of money are all common themes in the new lie of Max Payne in São Paulo, Brazil. Rockstar Games presents another gut-wrenching journey into the life of Max Payne, the loveable yet easily narcissistic schmoozer that loves to make it a field day out of thugs with guns for hire. Max Payne 3 provides an incredibly parapsychological journey i...[Read More]

PROTOTYPE 2 Review: They Call Me A Villain, Monster – I Am All Of These Things

Prototype 2 introduces the world of Alex Mercer in an entirely different light after the events of post-viral New York from Prototype. With new moves and a gameplay experience that incorporates the original aspects of Prototype, Prototype 2 brings back traditional elements while also innovating on these elements for more fluidity. While the gameplay is much approved, there is some level of storyli...[Read More]

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