Celebrations Are In Order

You all love it. You know you do. 6.8 Million of you Firefox lovers come here every month and grace us with your presence.

To celebrate first off, here is a lager from our sexy Jenny at Mobile Pub in Greenwich, UK.

While you stop staring at her and are done with that lager, we are not done. We have profoundly taken all of your inquiries via our e-mail bulk and IM bulk, and have decided to send the most requested gift of our amazing readership. WhatIfGaming Wallpapers are here. Yeah, we are listening to all of you and responding the best we can to further your experience here at WhatIfGaming, where we write for the masses and only for that purpose.


I'm all about one thing: reviews that are easy to understand and make sense of.



  2. Oh Nice.

  3. About time! I’ve been asking for this via e-mail for a while.

  4. I LOVE the calm red one. My style. Right on.

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